Zombie Barbie

Zombie Barbie released its debut full-length Electrostatic Hallucinations, recorded at Jeff Forrest’s Doubletime Studios in October 2014. Guests on the album include Stanze Touchie, Mishey Touchie, Nox Anger, Scott Hoover, Lena Jones, and Barry Lockwood. “The photos included in the album represent the psychological and even physical world that we imagine Zombie Barbie’s music as the backing track,” says Haemmerle. “We saw ourselves as futuristic, with influential echoes from that past. Mark is a long time multi-intsrumental musician from twenty-four years back. He hailed from bands like Sleepy Hollow, Starcrossed, The Canton Mudders, and Kitty Plague. Jovi is actually an actress and singer on stage and screen. This is her first real band out of high school, and incorporates her theatrical strengths to the live performances. See the links below & above to follow ZOMBIE BARBIE!

“I guess Zombie Barbie kind of sounds exactly how I thought they would—like the B-52’s met Aqua and Right Said Fred in a weird ’80s electro-goth sex dungeon. And reading their one sheet, it seems that’s basically how they describe their music. If mock-rock is your thing, or if Hasselhoff, Benatar and Yankovic are your idea of a “supergroup” then this band is for you.” — Jackson Milgaten, San Diego City Beat.