Zach Alwin & The Duck Funk

Zach Alwin is a Long Beach-based Funk/Pop singer, songwriter, producer and band leader.  He’s an artist that mixes deep confessions from the bottom of his heart with a cartoonish sense of humor and a brand of retro party music.  His songwriting style says the most with the least while his band gets people to the dance floor: profound heart wrenching thoughts stated with beautiful simplicity over booty-shaking funk beats.  Zach’s solo-project started in 2013 when he locked himself in his bedroom and emerged two months later with 50 songs and a voice of his own.  The project has since grown with the help of producer Gene Shiveley (Rolling Stones, P!nk) and his seven-piece band Duck Funk.  Zach draws from classic R&B and funk influences in his music but his inspirations are more personal, “My greatest musical influence is honestly my dad.  He showed me how alive music can truly make you feel.  I just want to share that with people.”