Steve Rosenbaum

Singer, guitarist, and songwriter Steve Rosenbaum has been knocking around the power pop scene for many years. His formative years were spent in suburban Toledo, Ohio, where he came of age at the crossroads of rock, soul, pop, and bubblegum.

While studying at University of Michigan in 1978, Rosenbaum was one of the early performers at the now-famous Bookies Club 870, a seminal punk and new wave club. He went on to perform in Detroit and Ann Arbor in a series of original and cover bands. After graduation, he moved to Los Angeles, where he played in Flip City, a fixture at Madame Wong’s West, and other ’80s clubs. From there, he and bass player (and Grammy nominated producer) Bruce Witkin (Hollywood Vampires) left to form the Lonely Bulls, a Beatle-esque vocal-centric acoustic fronted project that featured Everly Brothers-type harmonies.

Steve Rosenbaum’s Mess of Fun released their album Making Up A Mess Of Fun in 2014. The band’s rotating roster has included Bruce Witkin, as well as Scott Samuels (Roxy Monoxide, Bona Fides, Vinyl Pirates), Pete Bayard and Brendan Ruff (Super Buffet), and LA’s Rob Klonel.