Stacey Antonel

Stacy Antonel is a vocalist and songwriter unique in both her presentation and eclectic repertoire. A classical pianist from the age of seven, she didn’t pursue music in university, instead getting a BA in Anthropology from UC Berkeley. It wasn’t until a random move to Buenos Aires, Argentina that her music career began, when she answered a Craigslist ad searching for an American that could sing like June Carter Cash. She got the gig, and sang jingles for television ads that aired throughout Latin America. Shortly thereafter she began singing with local indie electronica band Camanchaca before returning to California.

Stacy’s debut EP as an indie country artist, Ginger Cowgirl, is slated to be released Summer 2017, and features players and producers that have worked with everyone from AJ Croce to Don Williams. Her original material features the stylistic musicianship and instrumentation of traditional country music deployed toward a more modern songwriting style and artist perspective.