Spice Pistols

Spice Pistols are 5 hot, nasty “gals” in their 40’s and 50’s with 5 o’clock shadows that destroy razors. All experienced musicians looking to wreak havoc on your local stage. We don’t wanna admit we actually like Spice Girls tunes… so we play ’em the way Sid Vicious, Steve Jones, Paul Cook and Johnny Rotten would have: With gristly passion that’ll satisfy both the man and woman in you!!!

Band Members:

Ginger Binger Spice (John Risdon) – Vocals

Slosh Posh Spice (Jim Isaac) – Guitars and Vocals

Shorty Sporty Spice (James Lightbody) – Drums

Maybe Baby Spice ( Michael Fairchild) – Guitars and Vocals

Hairy Scary Spice (Sppike Mike Muellenberg) – Bass Guitar and Vocals.

We LOVE puppies, kittens, and all living things. They all taste like chicken. When we’re bored, we love to skate in the park and push over trash cans.