Shyla Day

In order to truly be innovative, you can’t just bring something exciting and new. You have to have the courage to follow through with difference and pave away all pre-misconceptions of the world; all to lead the way. Shyla Day, since 14 years old has been doing just that with her prolific songwriting and emotional vocal style. Shyla started at 14 with writing the music to an Old Globe musica, with 2 nominations at the Los Angeles Music Awards in the categories of Pop Single of the Year, and Female Singer/Songwriter of the Year.  She has also been nominated in 6 categories at the Artists in Music Awards based in Hollywood, California. Along with performing alongside Billboard winning artists, Shyla has performed and supported over 30 charities over the course of 6 months- 2 of her most frequent are Tunes for Tots Worldwide and Love Hope Strength. She is also the celebrity spokesperson for Peace Friends of Hope Foundation in Uganda!  After ending her latest 8 month Southern California tour, Shyla is in the studio working on her release of her 2 singles paired with music videos and her 3 song EP titled Contagious, along with her debut VEVO channel launch in 2015!