Scott Samuels

Scott Samuels is a rock and roll survivor with lots of stories to tell. An imaginative singer-songwriter who, according to, “plays a mean axe”.  As San Diego’s SLAMM Magazine once said, he definitely “knows his way around a pop hook” – and back again. Throughout his life, Samuels’ love for rock and roll’s “hidden treasure”, and his unique ability to recount the quirkiest milestones of life, love and career, has fueled his songwriting and performances. His simple, honest and unpretentious vocal style has drawn comparisons to Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum, and Elvis Costello, among others.

Samuels is now mining the rich history of his musical and personal past and present with the release of his first full-length solo CD, “Great Big World.” An ambitious first solo outing, his CD includes eight of original songs and two covers of tunes that resonate with Samuels in a big way – The Plimsouls’ “Great Big World” and Errol Brown’s (Hot Chocolate) “It Started with a Kiss.” A songwriter extraordinaire, Samuels seemingly remembers every detail of his life – a boon for those of us that appreciate vivid storytelling.