In the middle of a collision of sounds of post punk, new wave and shoegaze in San Diego, the year 2017 saw the birth of POLUX, a trio formed by Ever De La Rosa (guitar and voice), Tito Santana (bass) and Ahikar Quinto ( bateria) that a little more than a year after being formed begins to become one of the brightest stars in the music scene of the Californian city, just like its namesake in Gemini.

His sound breaks into the present because it refers to the songs that he played in the eighties, the direct influence of genres such as post punk, new wave and shoegaze makes them get away from the stereotype of the contemporary music scene. They are influenced by Pond, Joy Division, The Cure, Tame Impala, GUM, The Church and even some Caifanes.

But POLUX goes further: they are Hispanic musicians interacting with an American scene, composing lyrics in Spanish in a city where rock is sung in English. That bet has led them to perform at legendary venues such as The Casbah, The Merrow, The Tower Bar, The Ken Club and Mi Barra and to position themselves as the only Spanish-speaking group that has had space in one of the most important stations in the state. California 91.1FM 91X (the legendary 91X of San Diego)