Mittens is a San Diego band specializing in the revolutionary genre of Cat Pop. The group started as a duo between longtime friends Lia and Ramona in 2009, eventually picking up guitarist Paul and drummer Tyler through well-timed classified ads. Mittens debuted as a fully formed group in May of 2012, and haven’t stopped creating and performing since.

Mittens is heavily influenced by the pop sensibilities of The Cardigans, Tiger Trap, The Pretenders, and Rilo Kiley; just to name a few. The melodic vocals of Ramona, Lia, and Paul blend splendidly with the upbeat, surf-infused pop that’s nostalgic of 90s female-fronted bands like The Cranberries. Mittens’ symphonic sounds have been a huge hit around San Diego, and it’s clear when seeing them live that they have as big a blast playing as the audience does listening.