Michael Fairchild

An accomplished singer/songwriter, Michael Fairchild has received wide success in various local markets. His music is often considered pop-gone-wrong, a label he heartily embraces for its peripheral designation; It allows me to retain a unique musical identity without making me feel like I have to orient myself or my music in a predetermined direction.

Drawing from a mix of music, literary and pop culture influences, Michael writes songs that personally explore universal demons. His lyrics are catchy and thoughtful with melodically simple constructions. These techniques enable audiences to read their own experiences and emotions into the songs. This reaction compels Michael to continue writing, producing and playing to packed audiences in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. “Since I rarely think of the audience during my writing process, as it is a more solitary act, I am floored when fans come up to me after the show and say ‘this is exactly how they feel’; it makes me feel like there is something bigger out there and that I am somehow more connected to my fellow humans.”