Originally based in Nashville, Marujah’s sound is a cultural melting pot of street music and political commentary, sung in English and Spanish. Lead singer and songwiter Comandante Kalavera’s writing style is heavily influenced by Latin American existential poetry.

They emerged through the ranks of the 2014 Battle of the Bands at 710 Beach Club, as well as earning exposure on the Tim Pyles 94.9 local music showcase.  Their sophomore full-length gringolandia, recorded and produced by Jake Caldwell at Holler studios in Colmont TN, was released in January 2015, preceded by the single “Ke pasa,” which deals with immigration reform and basic human rights.

Marujah Rising, released in June 2017, was produced by John Avila (Oingo Boingo) and mastered by Stephen Marsh (Los Lobos), with the help of Panteon Rococo and Nana Pancha.