Josie Day

Day began to perform in school musicals by age 8 and soon immersed herself in music, inspired to be a singer by the artists she saw on TV. “I was sixteen when that revelation came to me and I never looked back,” she said. “Being that Malta’s music scene is pretty much nonexistent, there wasn’t anywhere much to go with it.

Josie Day arrived in San Diego by chance, via family, musical aspirations in place. For Day, making music isn’t just about entertaining. “It’s been about finding a place where I belong,” she said. “Filling that hole, “the ‘what’s my purpose in life?” hole. Many people choose a career or their career chooses them. A practical job, something within reach. To me, I never had that practical job or career in mind. I have no second career that would make me just as happy. Being able to sing in a band and getting to perform every week keeps me going, keeps me alive.”