Johnny Tarr

Originally from Cardiff, Wales, Jonny Tarr picked up the Tenor Saxophone at the age of 11 thinking it would get him girls. Initially it didn’t. After cutting his teeth in the British Jazz scene, he studied music at Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts and went on to play all over Europe (Glastonbury Festival Jazz World Stage, The Big Chill, Chamonix’s Cham Jam), and as far Japan (Tokyo Crossover Jazz Festival) and the USA (New York, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Las Vegas) over the next decade. Now a permanent resident of San Diego, Jonny Tarr has been working on making Electronic Soul music in many formats; mainly as a solo artist but increasingly with a band behind him. Playing at San Diego’s clubs and music venues, (The Belly Up, Analog, Vin de Syrah, Humphrey’s) Jonny has been refining his sound and is always ready to take it further.