Joanna Gerolaga

Aloha All!

My name is Joanna Gerolaga and I am a 21 year old musician from Honolulu, Hawaii. I recently graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a degree in Political Science and a minor focus in Women’s Studies. I recently quit my day job to focus more on music and to see where that path would lead me. I currently play at many different restaurants, bars, and music venues all over Oahu and mostly in Waikiki. I have opened for youtube artists such as Leroy Sanchez and Ernie Halter at some of the larger music venues and concert halls here in Hawaii.

My style and genres range from oldies to hip hop, R&B, and indie and pop in between. I play solo with the help of a few effects pedals such as a looper, an octave pedal, and a harmonizer. I enjoy building songs up by first looping the melody, then adding some bass into it, looping percussion beatbox with my mouth, and then adding my own flare with solos and leads.