Heather Nation

“I kinda just want to make something of myself,” Heather says matter-of-factly, with a laugh. “In my opinion, to be respected as a professional comes from really believing in and living what you do, not just being successful.”

Heather describes her first pilgrimage to Coachella almost a decade ago, as well as rattling off a roster of favorite vocalists (with much diversity): from Patsy Cline to Mariah Carey, Jeff Buckley to Jeff Tweedy. Obviously her inspiration spans genres – but the indie music scene of our era, along with the festival circuit, inspired her to fine-tune her sound and make it her own. 

In fact, the idea of “warping a genre” is thematic for Heather. Creating an iteration on a genre is extremely important in both becoming distinct and unique as well as being true to oneself. This could almost be viewed as a devotion to what truly inspires the artist: both in the music they love and the world they live in. “Love is ultimately what inspires me – the existence, and sometimes absence of love (and heartbreak) is something everyone can identify with.”