Gabriela Aparicio

Born into a S. American family & culture and growing up in balmy southern Florida, ecclectic music and summer breezes were always a staple at home. Saturday nights were spent listening to tango, Uruguayan folk music, the Beatles and old motown hits while my parents danced folklore. Gabriela was a natural fine artist (wanted to be a Disney animator), who studied the piano as a child and would sing privately, but then switched to guitar when she realized she had a natural ear for singing melodies. While at UCF, Gaby learned the true meaning of dedication & perseverance and set out to become a songwriter. “Songwriting was an easier way to express what I never could on canvas and paper. I always thought to be able to say something while creating a melody for that thought was something pretty magical.”

She began writing and playing throughout Central Florida for several years, while building a small following, released a demo and followed it with her first full length album in 2004, ‘In the Interim’, produced by Davey Schweizer and recorded at Richter Records Studio. One of the songs, ‘Love Your Everything’, made it on the rotation at WPRK 91.5. That opened up the doors to play various venues in town: FL Music Festival, House of Blues, Hard Rock, singing the national anthem at a Magic game, and some odd jobs like singing jingles and some film/theatre work.

Shortly after, Gabriela met NY producer, Darrell Briscoe, of Two Galleries Entertainment, and began playing at various venues in NYC. The Bitter End, Gibson Showroom, Sony Music studio. That led to recording her 2nd album during Hurricane Charley. It was to be released in 2005 or 2006, but life has a funny way of tempering you when you least expect it…this album was never released due to circumstances beyond her control.

She took a few years off to regroup after that stint, and got back into playing and writing again. Music never leaves your soul, does it.

Currently, Gabriela resides in San Diego, loving life, living fully and spreading musical good vibes all around!  Her message is to create an authentic and loving space to connect with YOU the fans, thru her music, in hopes to inspire each of you to be the BEST version of YOURSELF!!