Gabriela & La Buena Onda

Born into a S. American family & culture, Gabriela grew up in balmy southeast Florida, where eclectic music and summer breezes were always a staple. Saturday nights were spent listening to tango, Uruguayan folk music, the Beatles and old motown hits while her parents danced folklore.

Gabriela began writing and playing in Orlando, FL for several years, while building a small following, released a demo in 2002 and then released her first full length album in 2004, ‘In the Interim’, produced by Davey Schweizer and recorded at Richter Records Studio. ‘Love Your Everything’, a song from the album, made it on the rotation at WPRK 91.5.

In early 2014, Gabriela relocated to San Diego, CA, where she continues to grow her grass roots following. Her unique blend of soulful, jazzy, latin, funky acoustic pop soothes your soul and melts your ears. Her warm tone and laid back demeanor sends chill love vibes up and down your spine. She is currently in the studio working on tracks to be released in spring of 2014. And you can catch her on tour with Roger!