Ernie Orosco

With his soaring vocals, innovative song writing skills,  Ernie A. Orosco stands as a true original. Ernie’s sound could be described as electronica, soulful, ethereal influenced by eighties synth pop, new wave, world music, masterfully blending elements from psychedelia, classical, ambient and experimental genres skillfully displaying his ability to craft memorable musical vignettes to stand the test of time. Celebrating life’s achievements as well as vulnerably delving into his own personal life experiences of love loss and lessons learned, his stylized creations are easily relatable. Each track lyrically and musically is unique to itself lending the listener to fully absorb its story evoking questions, sharing that common thread of emotion. Ernie’s rich voice will entrance you displaying great range and control emoting an array of feelings, the very staple of his distinct sound. All vocals, and individual instruments excluding three guitar tracks were written and performed by Ernie himself. Listeners are often surprised to discover that Ernie can play just about any instrument he can get his hands on. Being a solo artist he relies on technology to ensure his true, full sound while performing.
Former Groups
The Electric Snakes, The Gift,  Euforia, and Night Creeps
Solo Music Albums…
The Things You Love and the self  titled album, Ernie A. Orosco
Movie Soundtracks…Extended Family, directed by Hilarion Banks
Puzzled, directed by Hilarion Banks
You Tube Music Videos
Night Creeps – It’s Halloween It’s Halloween and Magic. Ernie A. Orosco – She’s So Wrong.