DJ Redlite ft. Fade & company

A Jacksonville, Florida transplant, DJ Redlite has been rocking crowds in San Diego for roughly fifteen years yet didn’t start professionally until nine years ago  He decided from there that he would go ahead and pursue what he loves and has always been inspired to do.  His penchant for the ‘wheels-of-steel’ a.k.a. turntables came from when he first saw the movie Beat Street.  He also was and still is incredibly inspired by other DJs such as DJ Jazzy Jay, Terminator X, DJ Q-Bert, and mostly Roc Raida, whom he says he’s styled himself after.  Through these DJs he also became heavily influenced by 80s and 90s music as well as the ability to scratch records as they did and he sought out learning the technique.  It is something he now prides himself on and says that it creates a better universal sound for San Diego’s diverse community.  DJ Redlite is one of few DJs who still uses vinyl records but the invent and release of Serato (a DJ software system that allows one to work from a laptop with music on the hard drive) threw him loop because it took away the need for vinyl records.