Dave Humphries – Dick Van Ransom Tribute

February 1964: The Beatles’ “Do You Want to Know a Secret” and “Love Me Do” dominated the U.S. and U.K. charts. British songwriter Dave Humphries remembers it well — he was there. Humphries moved to San Diego in 1996, but at one time the native of Durham City, in northeast England, was known as someone on the periphery of the Beatles story. In fact, he holds the official title of “The Man Rejected by Apple Records [four times] More Than Anyone Else Alive.”

In April 2010, Humphries released his fifth album, Hocus Pocus on Joker Lane. “The title came to me after my wife met this interesting guy while in her art studio at Balboa Park,” says Humphries. “The guy just kind of wandered in and, after hearing that her husband was doing a CD, he told her he’d been sent from God to give me the album title. How could I refuse a prophet like that?”

In late 2014, Humphries began teaming up with Greg Gohde and Bass Clef Experiment Trio (with Owen Burke on drums), for performances at local venues like Java Joe’s.