Cristo Lopez

Born in Los Angeles, Chris began studying music at the age of 7.
Trumpet and trombone were his first instruments of choice. As he grew older he decided to branch out and explore various types of instruments and music gravitating towards percussion and electronic music.

He was just 12 years old when he was introduced to DJ turntables. “I was mesmerized by what a record was and what you could do with it while playing music”. By the age of 15 he obtained his own pair of belt driven techniques and a Gemini mixer.

The rest is history… “I was so intrigued by the dj culture at that time. I started going to underground parties just to see and discover other Dj’s.” In 1995 he booked his first gig at Baby Does in Monterey Park, Los Angeles.
In addition to DJing, Chris also became a street promoter started connecting with like minded people from all over the world who shared his love and passion for music.

In 1997 Chris moved to San Diego. Settling in to a new town he continued as a street promoter and DJ for Distillery East, the only all ages night club in north county at that time. A few years later he moved to downtown San Diego and got a job testing and voice acting for RockStar video games, working on popular titles such as the Grand Theft Auto and Midnight Club series as well as Red Dead Revolver. He also became resident dj at some of San Diego’s most exclusive night clubs such as The AC Lounge, Landlord Jim’s, Harney Sushi and U-31 and making guest appearances at clubs Velvet, Circus, Bar Dynamite, Live Wire and On Broadway just to name a few.

In 2007 he traveled to Spain and showcased his HOUSE music dj sets as a guest dj in Europe’s most high-end and luxurious night clubs. He performed at Olivia Valere discotheque in Marbella, Malaga located in the provenance of Andalucia – Spain. He also performed at Mansion, Plaza Beach and Nikki Beach during his two year tour in Spain.

These days Chris is doing a little bit of everything. He runs his DJ/Design Studio at the Lower Left, the Tribal street warehouse in Downtown San Diego. He manages local artists and DJs and also works as stage management for Dessert Hearts and Stage Construction for festivals such as Youtopia and Contact. He’s also a part of Insomniac’s Camp OG, a group of the original artists, djs, promoters, and club kids who helped pave the way for the underground scene in LA back in the 90s. He also dabbles in other forms of art appearing in a newly released Hollywood film called “Scumbag: The Movie”. He’s also contributed to his community by assisting in painting murals for local business’ turning ugly run down walls into beautiful street art. And of course he’s still Djing…

Check out Chris’ most recent project, Retrobox!