Creature and the Woods

Creature & the Woods is creating a sound that echoes a Deep Howl and powerful Groove. This San Diego band is Making a huge Southern sound in the Southern California area and people are noticing. Roger Molina, the lead vocalist charges into sullen the woods and beyond on their new record. Justin Rodriguez(Counterfit/Silver Bird) is punching hard with the Bass and sweetly serenades you with his intense Vocals. Chad Lee(The Silent Comedy)is the Monster sound Maker behind the drums and percussion while Daniel Cervantes(Howlin Rain) calls in the wolves with his Fury and mind bending guitar leads, riffs and pedal steel splendor. “Rise” the full length CD was released on 1/21/2017 on Blind Owl Records. Vinyl tobe released in spring of 2017. also available on all Streamed medias.