SAN DIEGO, Calif.  – Built around brothers Pablo and Esteban Cantua, the music of Cantua is special. Using Spanish guitar as a foundation, the pair lays on Latin rhythms, virtuoso fretwork and manic energy for performances that are as thrilling to watch as they are to listen to.

The band has recently collaborated in the studio with the likes of Marujah and Falling Doves, all in anticipation of the recording of the follow up album to their 2013 debut, Live at El Zarape, this time out set to be a studio outing. Also in 2017 the band will hit the road for another round of touring throughout the Western U.S.

Anyone who enjoys Latin based acoustic guitar music will want to hear the songs of Cantua, but their appeal is much bigger than that. Jazz fans will appreciate the duo’s inspired guitar playing, classic rock fans will love the terrific original tunes as well as covers of classics by artists such as Santana or The Eagles, dance fans will want to groove to their rhythms. It’s all there in their passionate music, with almost every song a showstopper. Cantua is a combo that will impress you from the first note.