Black Hesher

“King Shem has survived a barrage of shortcomings throughout his life and career, never losing sight of his brainchild—even if that brainchild gets into the band’s stash at times. All debaucherous inclinations aside, King Shem is a lyricist, ripping up stages with rhymes spanning from drug addiction, vivid pop culture, unrequited love, and even conspiracy theory”
– Craig Terlino (

Navigating your way through the rap/hip hop music offered today can often be more tragic than triumphant. If you’re looking for new music to listen to, and love supporting independent artists then you’ve come across the right article.
If the Beastie Boys and Sleigh Bells had an illegitimate child, it would be King Shem. I like to describe his music as tripped out hip hop with a lo-fi rock sound. It doesn’t always fit a label, and you certainly can’t try to stuff it into a box. King Shem has been making music for years, starting off as part of the group Cooler Than Smack, then recording solo as King Shemrok Christ, all while managing his label DRC Records. He’s a little bit East coast, a little bit West coast, and constantly evolving. ”
-Kerri Guillette