Avenue Army

In 2009 lead guitarist Jimi Paulet and frontman Max Bergstrom were jamming together and trying to get a band off the ground. They immediately started putting together a killer set list and began the search for band members to fill out the rest of their lineup. Soon afterwards, Avenue Army was born. Over the next few years Avenue Army played Minneapolis-St. Paul’s most iconic venues, all the while crafting their unique, radio-friendly alt. rock sound; combining catchy vocal melodies and harmonies with hard-hitting drums, low-end bass, and gritty guitars. In 2013 they released their breakout debut album “Words With Action” to critical acclaim and followed it up with their first national tour in early 2014. Shortly afterwards, drummer Jeremy Galloway and bassist Josh Thacker joined Avenue Army. Fully armed with a ton of new material they wrote while touring and playing the Minnesota club scene, Avenue Army returns to the studio to record their follow-up album entitled “On The Level” which will be available this Fall. Come join the army of fans who support the band and find out what the buzz is all about!