League of Liars

The League of Liars was born one fine autumn morning in the back of a Bentley touring car, en route to Cardiff-By-The-Sea (along the lackadaisical Pacific Coast Highway). Unified in the desire to provide the most believable and sweetest-smelling contradictions known to humankind, Sppike Mike (Bass), Diamond David (Guitar), Rumble T (Drums) and Micheal Fairchild (Vocals, Guitar) plot sonic assaults with Love-In precision. Blending blues, funk, folk, rock and pop genres in the creation of a super sweet and fun outcome that just can’t be ignored. Ask your ass why it’s moving when you hear our tunes.
This sonic potion has garnered the boys much acclaim. From local music show live air play, The Local 94.9 and 91X Loudspeaker, to winning the 2011 San Diego County Fair’s people’s choice award with LOL has been invited back to play the fair ever since.