Ginger Lou

Ginga paints, sculpts, designs clothing and has recently gotten into body painting. Not only is she a member of the local female artists’ collective Grrrrrl Power, but in 2003 she also created Visual Graffiti, a monthly event that occupies different bars and clubs around town and includes visual art, trunk shows and music . In 2003, she also started her own art-and-clothing business called 1/8 Fresh Gear and Art.

Noticeably women-centric, Ginga’s art includes many anime girls (often depicted kissing and holding one another), ’70s-style images of bohemian-looking women, and female icons like Audrey Hepburn and Diana Ross. There’s a conspicuous lack of masculine images in her artwork, yet she says she doesn’t identify as a feminist.

Artist Type:  Ginger Placek

Exhibition Location:  Cafe 21