Eva Luz

Eva Luz a.k.a. Edgy Chola is an artist who has been designing jewelry for the past 18 years. Her strongest influence comes from her Mexican heritage and her love for Meso-American history and culture, Other forms of influences range from insects & bugs, dreams, astronomy to friends she has met along the way either in travel or in everyday living. Eva Luz creates beautiful and edgy jewelry using a combination of new/vintage beads and semi-precious stones. Her styles range from necklaces strung on fishing line creating a magical floating affect against the skin to a variety of bold and elegant sterling silver and vintage chain accessories. She has collected beads throughout the years either through travel or gifts from friends who reside in different parts of the world. Every piece of jewelry has a history. Each item may not carry just one, but many stories as to where and how they came together to be one beautiful piece of art.

Artist Link:  Edgy Cholo Designs