Adams Ave Park

There will be a full lineup of performances in the park.  Please see the music schedule for more details.

Tiny Block House is dedicated to connecting individuals to beautiful mountains and hiking, minimalist values, and genuine community. We believe that in our modern age, to experience real health and happiness, we must unplug from our electronic devices and get in touch with what truly matters. By either offering a warm one-day respite from hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, or a permanent place to call home, or a second home, the community at Tiny House Block has got your back. Discover for yourself what’s possible!                             Link

Aaron CathcartI am humbled to share my story and my craft with the world; to take part in a traditional practice is to reach back thousands of years and learn from people who were doing exactly what I’m doing now. To add my own ideas and techniques to the ever-expanding body of wisdom, and to then give it away to future craftsmen just like myself is truly meaningful. Wisdom is mankind’s greatest asset.                     Link

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Victor VillaLink

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