Local businesses transform into galleries and stages for artists from throughout the region.

Artist Galleries

*PUNCH CARD LOCATIONS. Click listings for more info.

CCSD — 2606 Adams Ave. — Supporting Business / Not Participating in Day of Event

Artist: Supporting Business – CCSD

Image result for ccsd adams ave

Exhibit Location: CCSD


Mona Lizzy’s Art Studio — 2610 Adams Ave — Punch Card

Artist: Mona Lizzy’s Art Studio

Mona Lizzy’s is an environmentally conscious Art Studio, Salon and Unique Wares from local makers. They will be celebrating their two year anniversary!  We offer art workshop, and sewing classes for all ages. We provide full salon services for men, women and children. We also offer weekly yoga classes.

During Art Around Adams, we will have a collective works of photographic arts from local artists and salon staff.  You can also join us in making Mona Lizzy’s art installation.  Our art activity is open to all ages/family friendly, ecofriendly, collaging old photos and postcards on magnets.  We will be providing lids that have been made into magnets that people can use the paper scrapes/old photos/postcards provided to collage inside the lid to make a unique magnet. This will be organized by our artist, the staff and a few locals…

Exhibit Location: Mona Lizzy's Art Studio


Copa Room — 2707 Adams Ave — Punch Card

Artist: Fabiana Foca



Fabiana Foca was born in Brazil on April 20th 1981. Moved to San Diego in 2001 and have been locally doing art ever since. Mosaic art and Photography are the most noticeable mediums on Fabiana’s resume. The photography is manually transferred into the wood. One of a kind (unlike prints) every single photo is an original piece of art. All recycled wood for the wood transfers and recycled materials for the mosaics as well.

Purple Flor

Image may contain: shoes

Artist Link: Fabiana Foca

Exhibit Location: Copa Room


John Michaels Hair Studio — 2709 Adams Ave — Punch Card

Artist: Holly Sandy

Holly worked in Graphics/Advertising and did editorial cartoons for a variety of newspapers. She is now exploring Creative Photography and other avenues of Fine Art.

Exhibit Location: John Michael's Hair Salon


Artist: JW Michaels Collection

Unique Jewelry for Men and Women

Exhibit Location: John Michael's Hair Salon


Artist: Galvan Originals

My name is Luis Felipe Galvan.  I am one of 12 brothers and sisters in my family.  When I was 12, I became interested in sewing.  Clothing inspired me and I wanted to create it.  My parents supported this dream and I started from the ground up; cleaning a tailor’s shop in exchange for lessons.  I realized my passion was design.  I started crafting one of a kind bow ties 5 years ago.  I am very ecologically minded and believe in repurposing materials.  I use one of a kind vintage fabric and new materials for my creations.

Image result for bowties

Exhibit Location: John Michael's Hair Salon


Cafe 21 — 2709 Adams — Stage

Artist: Waylon Harrell

Raw and organic is being re-imagined through the vision and talent of native Floridian, now San Diego resident, Mark “Waylon” Harrell.  At the young age of five, Waylon showed his first painting.  After receiving both wide acceptance and rave reviews by teachers and staff, Waylon was recognized and won the young artist award at his school.  It was then that the young Waylon fully accepted his unique talent of interpreting his emotions onto a blank canvas with paint and brushes.

With the teachings and guidance from other self-acclaimed graffiti artists, Waylon advanced his keen sense of color and his great attention to detail of clean lines with the ubiquitous use of spray paint.

In 2004, much of Florida was ravaged by a record number of hurricanes that made landfall throughout the state.  Having also taken its toll on millions of other Floridans, it was then that Waylon decided to leave much of his possessions damaged in the wake of Hurricane Frances behind and flee the state.  With little money in his pocket, the love of music in his heart, and his self-taught skills as an artist in his blood, he and his close friend decided to make their transcontinental voyage west, settling in San Diego.  As a city that is rich in diversity, surrounded with natural beauty and safe from devastating hurricanes, San Diego offered Waylon the chance to reinvent himself, and to live out his dream of being an Artist.       

“create and they will relate”

Artist Link:  Waylon Harrell

Exhibit Location: Cafe 21


Twiggs Bakery & Coffeehouse — 2804 Adams Ave

Artist: Norma Cortez

I love the idea of finding/uncovering a piece of sterling silver jewelry at an estate sale or antique shop and ushering it into a new life with a new owner.  It’s kind of like match making for jewelry. I’ve been at the vintage side for about 8 years and recently started to silversmith my own pieces.


Exhibit Location: Twiggs Bakery and Coffeehouse


Artist: Dan Stringfield
I’m one of the owners of Twiggs, which is how I earn money (at least most of the time it earns money).  I’ve been taking pottery classes for the past 12 years and enjoy the escape it offers me from the real world.  My work is mainly functional dinnerware and service ware, reflecting my love of cooking.

Exhibit Location: Twiggs Bakery and Coffeehouse


Artist: Shantih Beeman
Co-founded by Shantih Beeman and Matthew Navarro in 2015, Nice Chops Leatherworks combines hand crafted designs with exquisite imported leather. Learning the craft from his mother as a child, Shantih creates an old school feel of leather accessories, with a new school refined quality.

Exhibit Location: Twiggs Bakery and Coffeehouse


Acu-Care Health Center — 2852 Adams Ave — Punch Card

Artist: Nadja Lancelot

My name is Nadja Lancelot and I am a silk artist living in San Diego. I have created art my entire life and my graduate school training in costume design led naturally to the luscious world of silk dying. I use the highest quality 100% silk fabrics and I dye with Sennelier silk dyes that are imported from France and are the best quality, most vibrant and steadfast dyes available. My silk scarves are each one of a kind and I give each piece a huge chunk of love in it’s creation. You will love the vibrancy and beauty of each unique work of art.

Image may contain: outdoor

Image may contain: plant and outdoor

Artist Link:  Nadja Lancelot

Exhibit Location: Acu-Care Health Centers


Zac’s Attic — 2922 Adams Ave

Artist: Vintage Silk Screens

Zac’s Attic is presenting a rare find.  Vintage framed silk screens, circa 1960s.  The original method of making printed t-shirts and cloth.  They make for shabby-chic yet industrial wall hangings.  They offer a range of designs from the the Seattle Worlds Fair 1962, American flag, skulls, 8-ball, and many more.  Come check out this unique collection of historical art.

Exhibit Location: Zac's Attic


Beerfish — 2933 Adams Ave

Artist: Birds Surf Shed – Board Evolution

Birds Surf Shed will be showing a series of boards, showcasing the rich history of surfing.  The boards will range from true vintage to the modern styles.  Over a dozen boards will be on display.

Image result for vintage surfboards

Image result for surfboards

Exhibit Location: Beerfish


Little Dame Shop — 2942 Adams Ave

Artist: Little Dame


Vintage Ceramic Vase

100% boy tears

Exhibit Location: Little Dame


Soda and Swine — 2943 Adams Ave

Artist: D Benzo

Born in San Diego but raised in Northern California, Bay Area I’ve always had the passion for art. As a kid I always drew on anything I can get my hands on, from furniture, family photos, desks, benches, light poles, even to walls.  At first they were meaningless sketches and doodles of a wandering mind, a prolific daydreamer. Seemingly expressionless until I noticed, or was noticed by others, that what I would draw seemed to appeal to people.  From trees, to stick figures, to comic book heroes, even to cartoony versions of friends, and eventually pin-ups, I would draw just to pass the time.  This eventually would culminate into pursuing my dream.  

Artist link:  D Benzo

Exhibit Location: Soda and Swine


Artisan Collection — 4639 30th St

Artist: Artisan Collection

Artisan Collection is a fine jewelry and art gallery featuring custom jewelry designs in gold, silver & platinum by master jeweler & owner Shirley Kanno Boynton.  Local artisans in painting, sculpture, art glass and ceramics are also showcased.  Between Artful Ruins & Artisan Collection, customers have a one-stop shopping destination for original art and unique gifts.  Both will be participating in the days activites with homemade Sangria, beverages and a special chance drawing.

Exhibit Location: Artisan Collection


Artist: Shirley Kanno Boynton

Shirley Kanno Boynton brings the meaning of “Aloha” into her jewelry designs. Her creations are inspired from within the soul, stemming in part from the 25 years spent in the Hawaiian Islands and a love of the ocean, culture and lifestyles of all humanity.

A Masters degree in Art and credentials in the teaching of Art and Vocational Jewelry Design and Fabrication enhance her creative abilities. The first part of her career was spent as a teacher and professional artist with numerous exhibitions and awards in painting, design and education. Expanding on the need to create led to the formation of a vocational jewelry program on the secondary school level in California. Many individuals are professional artists and jewelers as a result of this training.

No automatic alt text available.

Image may contain: ring and jewelry

Exhibit Location: Artisan Collection


Artist: Paul Stolte

Paul Stolte is a self-taught sculptor who loves to work with clay. He spent 30 years in corporate America before finally giving in to his strong desire to make art his profession. The former Chicagoan moved to California in 1985. His artistic journey has taken him from painting and mosaics, to ceramic, wire and mixed media sculpture. His work is whimsical, yet classy, often incorporating wire or tree branches into his designs. His attraction to the human face and figure are evident in his work.



Artist Link: Paul Stolte

Exhibit Location: Artisan Collection


Artist: Tom Smith

Image may contain: indoor

Exhibit Location: Artisan Collection

Artist: Richard Greene

Exhibit Location: Artisan Collection

Artist: Kathleen Mitchell

I make things, I always have

Like many other object makers, I am a collector of things, an assembler, an arranger.
The techniques I employ to make my work are fraught with danger.
Molten or sharp: glass and metal can burn you, cut you, scar you.
The physical aspect of working, the sweat, the dance, the communion with your partner or your team… Its earthy and difficult.
I like that


Artist Link: Kathleen Mitchell

Exhibit Location: Artisan Collection


Artist: Taryn Jayne

I find myself consumed by glassblowing for reasons other than its beautiful visual qualities. As a glass artist I am challenged to control and coax this molten material with every tool but my hands. For over a decade hot glass has continued to humble me, yet it is the most addictive medium I’ve ever gotten my hands on.

The skills learnt in the shop become life skills. They are lessons in commitment. Unlike other materials glass does not allow the artist to take a step back, put it aside and come back to it. Glass necessitates quick thinking and immediate action. It’s an adrenaline rush.


Wispy White Trio

Artist Link: Taryn Jayne

Exhibit Location: Artisan Collection

Artist: Kelly Mallaby

Kelly Mallaby is an artist who has worked in several mediums over the years in addition to being a high school art teacher. Originally from Indiana, she earned her bachelors degree from Indiana University – Herron School of Art. In 2002 Kelly relocated to San Diego, California with her husband. It was in San Diego that Kelly renewed her interest in jewelry design and metalsmithing.

A self-taught jewelry artist, Kelly is inspired by nature, art, design, architecture and everyday objects. The tools and materials she works with also direct Kelly’s work. Designs often evolve through intuitive, aesthetic choices as she hand forms and fabricates each piece in her home studio.

Sterling Silver Abstract Pillow Pendant


Artist Link: Kelly Mallaby

Exhibit Location: Artisan Collection

Artist: Susie Turmes

Image may contain: table and indoor


Exhibit Location: Artisan Collection

Artist: Patti Claussen

Image may contain: indoor

Exhibit Location: Artisan Collection


Federation Ink Tattoo Parlor — 4683 30th St — 18+

Artist: Keith Greene
Keith was born and reared in Brooklyn, New York and realized at an early age that he was gifted and destined to be an artist.  Keith graduated from the High School of Art and Design and the School of Visual Arts in New York City.  He lived in Sweden for 13 years and expanded his artistic focus while defining his art. He returned to the States in 2001 and now lives and works in San Diego, California, as a Tattoo and freelance artist. Keith paints and draws in his free time as he expands his artistic knowledge and expresses his gift of creativity.

Image may contain: one or more people and bird

No automatic alt text available.



Exhibit Location: Federation Ink


Artist: Kristine Tran

Kristine Tran is experienced in watercolor, acrylic and a variety of dry media. She has just completed her first year of an apprenticeship at Federation Ink and is heavily influenced by traditional & neo-traditional tattoos and tattoo flash. Kristine has shown with multiple galleries in San Diego and hopes to further her tattooing career in the coming years.



Artist Link: Kristine Tran

Exhibit Location: Federation Ink


Blackmarket Bakery North Park — 4686 30th St

Artist: Jennifer Cooksey

Jennifer Cooksey is an American artist living and working in San Diego, California. She is also the owner of After Dark Creations who specialize in Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) art and mixed media monster sculptures.  Jennifer had a multicultural upbringing, having a Mexican mother and Irish father gave her a unique perspective that she brings to traditional art. She also infuses her love of classic monsters and punk music into her work.

Image result for jennifer cooksey art san diego

Nightmare before Christmas jack and Sally figure set

Artist Link: Jennifer Cooksey

Exhibit Location: Blackmarket Bakery


Polite Provisions — 4696 30th St

Artist: Sean Selfridge

My name is Sean Selfridge. I’m a photographer and body painter based in San Diego, Calfornia. I have been a bodypainter for 3 years, a photographer for 10, but an artist my entire life.

To me, each person that walks into my studio is unique. I always try and get to know my clients. Get to know their personalities, what they like, what they love. My goal is to show YOU off in your photographs. Wether it be your smile, a special look you have when talking about your loved ones, or your love for a nerdy tv show. I want to show YOU.

Image result for sean selfridge art san diego

Image result for sean selfridge art san diego


Artist Link:  Sean Selfridge

Exhibit Location: Polite Provisions


Hawthorne Coffee — 3019 Adams Ave

Artist: Eric Yandell

Artist Link: Eric Yandell

Exhibit Location: Hawthorne Coffe


Sabuku Sushi — 3027 Adams Ave — Community Sponsor

Artist: Barbara McDonald

Barbara McDonald creates one-of-a-kind wall sculptures in steel on board, sometimes with stained glass embellishments. Her style has been described as “painting with a plasma cutter.”

She carves unique organic designs in metal.  Many of the pieces are multi-layered on brilliantly colored backgrounds.

Her themes are generally cosmic or at least other-worldly.


Artist Link:  Barbara McDonald

Exhibit Location: Sabuku Sushi


El Zarape Mexican Eatery — 3038 Adams Ave

Artist: Frances Camaccio

Frances Camaccio: Is a self-taught, creative, and motivated artist. She was born in Tijuana, Mexico, and resides in San Diego since 1995. She has a very active lifestyle, being an artist and also an entrepreneur with a high success in fashion jewelry. She is mother of three beautiful daughters with her youngest already following in her mother’s footsteps with her passion for art as well. Her love for art started when she won second place in a state art competition for the soccer national logo of Baja California. She was just 11 years old. Since then, she always had in her mind the desire to become an artist. She pursued her goals and dreams when she enrolled at Southwestern College in Chula Vista, CA, taking graphic design classes. Then at the end of the semester realized her true passion was for painting and became a full time artist. Frances is a talented Artist, but her strongest point is in having an eye for other talents. Her vision is to own an Art Gallery and find other talented artists to show their work. She believes that with her eye for talent, her established business sense and her innate self confidence, she will be successful. One of her many projects is being an Art Coordinator for a local gallery in North Park, San Diego, and has given an opportunity to many local artists to present the best of their talents. Frances is an active artist participating in several art exhibitions, both locally and other states making a name for herself. Most importantly, Frances believes: “That any person is given the opportunity to make their dreams come true, they just have to ask for it, and take it once they get it”



Artist Link:  Frances Camaccio

Exhibit Location: El Zarape Mexican Eatery


Bearded Bowtie — 3180 Adams Ave

Artist: Jennifer McHugh

I’m a California native and live in beautiful San Diego with my husband and three kids. There are a few things that are necessary for my overall contentment and well-being, and they have been the same my whole life – traveling, exploring new places, meeting new people, creating, eating and cooking good food and spending time with friends and family. Then there are the little things that just make me giddy with happiness. That first sip of good strong coffee, anything handmade, the beach, freshly brewed sun tea, the color yellow, waking up in a new city, thrift store scores, a new magazine in my mailbox, long walks…and paint on my hands. I spent most of my adult life teaching English to students both here and abroad. This fulfilled my love of teaching and travel, but creativity has always played an important role in my personal growth. At one point, my need for even more creativity led me to painting, and I’ve never looked back. Painting is my passion and I’m so happy to share it with you!


Cocktails & Airplanes at Mister A's

Artist Link:  Jennifer McHugh

Exhibit Location: MRH Interiors


MRH Interiors — 3182 Adams Ave — Punch Card

Artist: MRH Interiors

Come for a collaborative painting project (open to all ages) to create a large community piece of artwork to be raffled at end of evening.  All participants are automatically entered into the raffle.  Jennifer will be there to help guide and finish off the piece, but everyone who comes in to MRH is encouraged to grab a paintbrush and “make their mark” on the canvas!

They will also be doing a guided abstract painting project, led by Jennifer, where guests can paint and take home a (8 x 10”) watercolor on paper.  Frames and mats will be available for purchase as well.

There will also be face painting (for purchase) for kids in front of our store and have walking animal balloons available for $5

Exhibit Location: MRH Interiors

Artist: Jennifer McHugh

I’m a California native and live in beautiful San Diego with my husband and three kids. There are a few things that are necessary for my overall contentment and well-being, and they have been the same my whole life – traveling, exploring new places, meeting new people, creating, eating and cooking good food and spending time with friends and family. Then there are the little things that just make me giddy with happiness. That first sip of good strong coffee, anything handmade, the beach, freshly brewed sun tea, the color yellow, waking up in a new city, thrift store scores, a new magazine in my mailbox, long walks…and paint on my hands. I spent most of my adult life teaching English to students both here and abroad. This fulfilled my love of teaching and travel, but creativity has always played an important role in my personal growth. At one point, my need for even more creativity led me to painting, and I’ve never looked back. Painting is my passion and I’m so happy to share it with you!


Cocktails & Airplanes at Mister A's

Artist Link:  Jennifer McHugh

Exhibit Location: MRH Interiors


El Zarape Restaurant — 3201 Adams Ave

Artist: Annie DeCrescenzo

No automatic alt text available.

Exhibit Location: El Zarape Restaurant


Villianous Lair Comics and Gaming — 3220 Adams Ave — Punch Card

Artist: Accidental Aliens

Accidental Aliens is a San Diego based art group. Creating stories and original art is our goal.

Scott Lost

After deciding at the age of 9 years old that he wanted to become a comic book artist, he took a 10 year hiatus at age 20 from creating art to pursue another childhood dream: Becoming a Professional Wrestler. During his successful career on the independent scene, he helped to create/- co-found the now world famous Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG). Ending his wrestling career on his own terms, Scott decided it was time to hang up the tights and that it was time to return to drawing them in his Comic, ‘The 2nd Shift’. http://www.scottlostcomics.com/


Rodney Anderson, Jr

studied at Savannah College of Art and Design where he received a bachelor’s degree in Sequential Art. Currently he resides in San Diego working as a freelance comic artist and illustrator as well as teaching comic book art classes at Kalabash School of Music and the Arts as well as the Urban Discovery Academy.

Emily Rocha

has lived and worked as a comic colorist and illustrator in San Diego for over 10 years. From being a storyboard artist at NAS Productions in the early 2000s to book illustration today, she utilizes her unique art style in visual storytelling. http://colorbyemi.com/


Travis Rivas

is a mutant. He’s also a lover of comic books and Star Wars. He’s been writing for the past twenty years but has only recently starting writing comics. He was born with a rare limb difference, called TAR syndrome. Because of this, he’s an advocate for seeing individuals with limb and body differences in media. He’s currently writing his own comic about a superhero with a limb difference entitled The Unstoppable Cherub. You can buy the debut issue of Unstoppable Cherub at cherubcomics.etsy.com

Chris Terry

is a former Supervising Visual Effects artist whose work can be seen in such films as: Marvel’s The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Jurassic Park, Pacifc Rim and more. His unique style is influenced by his love of hip hop, 80’s movies, kung fu films and Comic Books. Chris is now in Sunny San Diego as a illustrator and design gun-for-hire currently involved with numerous projects. christerrydraws@gmail.com

Andi Dukleth

Andi Dukleth majored in Art and Technology from California State University San Marcos. Born and raised in San Diego County, she works as a news photographer for ABC 10 San Diego and as a freelance comic book artist. She was heavily infuenced by Manga and Anime, namely by Hayao Miyazaki, Junji Ito, and CLAMP.

Aricson Tarasova

is a freelance artist, illustrator and writer based in San Diego, California. He has studied at Watts Atelier of the Arts and Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art. Aricson holds a Certificate of Communication in Media Writing from San Diego City College. aricson@cox.net

Drah Hard

is a native San Diegan that studied in the realm of fine arts with a background in drawing / painting and graphic design, now a freelance artist / designer. Drah’s skills have allowed him to work in many creative endeavors such as: art shows, commissioned paintings and illustrations, comic books, book illustrations, murals, skateboard graphics, sculptures, branding, video editing, and textile designs. Drah has been on local news broadcasts and newspapers for various creative skills.

Exhibit Location: Villainous Lair Comics and Gaming


Dark Horse Coffee Roasters — 3260 Adams Ave — Supporting Business / Not Participating in Day of Event

Artist: Supporting Business – Dark Horse

Image result for dark horse coffee

Exhibit Location: Dark Horse Coffee Roasters


Adams Avenue Integrative Health — 3239 Adams Ave — Stage / Punch Card

Artist: Rich Walker

My artistic focus is in the use of recycled, reclaimed, and natural materials.  I balance these mediums with colors, depths, textures and movement.  I work with metal, ceramic and wood.  I often use a combination of mediums within one project.  I enjoy the challenge of creating custom work, so consider contacting me.

No automatic alt text available.

Image may contain: food

Artist Link:  Rich Walker

Exhibit Location: Adams Avenue Integrative Health


ROVE Adventure Shop — 3275A Adams Ave

Artist: Aaron Cathcart

I am humbled to share my story, my craft with the world. To take part in an age old  practice is to reach back thousands of years and learn from people who were doing exactly what I’m doing now. To add my own ideas and techniques to the ever-expanding body of wisdom, and to then give it away to future craftsmen just like myself is, truly meaningful. Wisdom is mankind’s greatest asset.

No automatic alt text available.

Artist Link: Aaron Cathcart

Exhibit Location: ROVE The Adventure Shop


Dulcinea Hair Salon — 4695 33rd St

Artist: Shawn McFarland – A Group Luminous Show

Work of My Hands is an artist team established in 2007 by Shawn Michael and Rachel Eva. Our work together includes paintings, sculpture, lighting, design and creative projects and events. In 2014 we also started a business making well designed bar tools for the cocktail community, which you can see at Standard Spoon.



Artist Link: Shawn McFarland

Exhibit Location: Dulcinea Hair Salon


Artist: Lucas – Crystal Light Sculptures

Image result for crystal energy jewelry

Image result for crystal energy jewelry bracelets

Exhibit Location: Dulcinea


Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga — 3287 Adams Ave — Supporting Business / Not Participating in Day of Event

Artist: Supporting Business – Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga

Image result for pilgrimage of the heart yoga

Exhibit Location: Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga


Zia Gourmet Pizza — 3311 Adams Ave — Punch Card

Artist: Pujari Scheaffer – zias

Pujari Scheaffer is a landscape painter who uses watercolor and mixed media. He has exhibited in Northern California. Most of the paintings are California landscapes and also Tuscany, Italy.  Pujari’s love of nature and the outdoors in evident in his paintings. Pujari Scheaffer has been painting since he was a child, and he studied Art at Humboldt State University.

Exhibit Location: Zia's Gourmet Pizza


Artist: Sujantra – zias

Sujantra was born in San Francisco in 1962 and moved to San Diego in 1980 to attend UCSD. He is the founder and owner of the Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga Studio. He first became interested in hatha yoga as a young boy and used his practice of asanas (the yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing techniques) as a stepping stone into the “inner aspects” of yoga: concentration, meditation and contemplation.

Exhibit Location: Zia's Gourmet Pizza


Artist: Peter Geise

Geise, a veteran of the San Diego scene, employs drawing, painting and collaged material with a  stream of consciousness style. The self taught artist utilizes abstract figures and non objective elements in his work.  Working along similar methods of Klee, Miro, and Picasso, Geise’s work is an “updating” of 20’s to 60’s abstract art. His work often features biomorphic “figures” or “glyphs” in formal and random or “automatic” compositions.  Geise works mainly with acrylic paint, collage and colored pencil. Additional influences on composition and theme include music (alternative rock, etc), classic film, “underground” comics, 1950’s Science Fiction, graffiti, and various contemporary themes.

Artist Link: Peter Geise

Exhibit Location: Zia's Gourmet Pizza


Artist: Todd Carpenter

As a painter, I am particularly interested in the depiction of light, and in the ways in which light contributes to our experience of paintings.

As with any visual art, painting obviously has an essential dependence on light, but there are other, more specific ways in which light is important for paintings. In particular, the depiction of light is crucial for realism. Realism in paintings presumably arises from the accurate portrayal of depth: to see a painting as realistic means to see its subject as existing in more than just the two dimensions of the picture plane. The behavior of light in space, generating features such as variations in shading and contrast, tells us about the three-dimensional arrangement of our surroundings.

Exhibit Location: Zia's Gourmet Pizza


Artist: Jonathan Wenner (Unity21)

Jonathan Wenner was born in Manhasset, New York. He grew up in both Elmont, New York and Newfoundland, Pennsylvania. The urban versus country atmospheres sculpted into multi faceted content. His education has been gained from experience, a few teachers and the privilege of great peers met sporadically all over the United States. He has painted murals in Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Chicago, San Diego and specializes in custom helmets, bikes, cars, tattoos, portraits, and pretty much anything artistic he will find a way to make it happen. The name Unity came as a result of spiritual experience and it simply displaces himself from taking credit for what God is doing through him. He currently resides in San Diego as a home base but will continue to travel all over the world, painting, learning cultures, and creating unity.

Artist Link: Jonathan Wenner (Unity21)

Exhibit Location: Zia Gourmet Pizza


The Book Tree — 3316 Adams Ave

Artist: Katie Halvin

Ever since she was a little girl, Katie has been enthralled by color, nature and music. Their respective influence on her, undeniable and their combined influence upon her, life changing!  Sharing her world through art so that it may influence someone else to pursuit their dream first is what drives her.  Each day she strives to create something new. When she succeeds her flight of fancy comes alive in the hearts and minds of others.


Artist Link: Katie Halvin

Exhibit Location: The Book Tree


ArtFORM / Rare Hare Studios — 3316 Adams Ave Suite B

Artist: ArtFORM / Rare Hare Studios

ArtFORM will have an open house displaying the types of projects that can be made from creative reuse.  Creative Reuse Store OPEN during the Art Around Adams event.  Come gather recycled materials and art supplies for a low cost donation.

This year they are featuring an Elvis head display.

Image may contain: 2 people

Exhibit Location: ArtFORM / Rare Hare Studios


Viva Pops — 3330 Adams Ave — Punch Card

Artist: Anna Tillett

Anna Tillett was born in Florida, where she spent the majority of her life until attending college at Memphis College of Art in Memphis, TN.  While in SoCal, she enjoyed eating her way through L.A., painting socially awkward bunnies, and illustrating for children’s books.

Tillett’s work has been licensed for use as set decor on  “The Mistle-tones”, as well as “Secrets From a Stylist”.  You can currently find her work at Signed and Numbered of Salt Lake City, Tin Top of Winchester, VA, Viva Pops of San Diego, Sassysquatch tees at Threadless.com, and her original paintings represented through Trifecta Gallery of Las Vegas, Graphite Galleries of New Orleans, and Bear and Bird Gallery of Ft. Lauderhill.


Image result for anna tillett artist san diego


Artist Link: Anna Tillett

Exhibit Location: Viva Pops


Bine and Vine — 3334 Adams — Community Sponsor

Artist: Michele Valenzuela Pruyn

I paint. Sometimes animals. Sometimes babies. Sometimes music. Sometimes feelings. I also hit metal with a hammer and make words and people wear it. 🙂

No automatic alt text available.

No automatic alt text available.

Artist Link: Michelle Valenzuela

Exhibit Location: Bine and Vine


Spin San Diego — 3342 Adams Ave — Stage

Artist: J. L. Anichowski

I was born and raised in Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada. Through my schooling there I came to the realization that all I wanted to do in life was paint and create. So I packed up and moved to southern California, where I have continued my learning, painting, and creating.

I’m inspired by life. The works of Salvador Dali, Micheal Parks, and the wonderful San Diego local artists I’ve come to personally know help to shape my vision. I find my paintings in the forms of the clouds, the bubbles in my bath, and in the playfulness of the creatures of nature.

Artist Link:  J. L. Anichowski

Exhibit Location: SD Spin


Lestat’s West — 3343 Adams — Stage

Artist: Music

There will be a full lineup of shows during the event, please refer to the performance page for more details.

Exhibit Location: Lestat's West


Lestat’s Coffee — 3343 Adams Ave — Community Sponsor

Artist: Wonka Gallery

If you are familiar with the Normal Heights area you probably have been to Lestat’s Coffee Shop.  Old Victorian furniture reupholstered in bright colors. Statues and columns inside and out. The clientele is very diverse, depending on what time of the day or night you go there you can see many different types of people.  One thing that sets Lestat’s apart from the rest, Is that it features underground, or outsider art, not the mainstream type of art you see day to day.

Featured artists include:  Franky Agostino, Bret Barrett, bd Dombrowsky, Peter Geise, Michael Mahaggey, Paul Nasri, David Russell Talbott, Andrew Lucas, Mike Zimmer, Phil Provins, Todd Rice, Paul Brogden, and Janelle Despot


Artist Link: Wonka Gallery

Exhibit Location: Lestat's Coffee House


Jyoti-Bihanga Vegetarian Restaurant — 3351 Adams Ave

Artist: Sri Chinmoy

From 1974 until his passing in 2007, Sri Chinmoy created over 140,000 pieces of abstract mystical art, along with almost 16 million drawings of birds symbolizing the freedom of the human soul. Sri Chinmoy painted in a spontaneous style he called Jharna-Kala, which means ‘fountain-art’ in his native Bengali. “I do not use the mind; I use the heart,” Sri Chinmoy explained, “I try to make my heart a receptive instrument so that God, the Supreme Artist, can paint in and through me.” Sri Chinmoy’s artworks have been exhibited in over 20 countries around the world, in galleries such as the Caroussel du Louvre in Paris and distinguished buildings such as the United Nations Secretariat in New York and the parliament buildings of the United States, Australia, New Zealand and the Ukraine.

Artist Link: Sri Chinmoy

Exhibit Location: Jyoti Bihanga Vegetarian Restaurant


NH Unity Mason Lodge (inside) — 3366 Adams Ave — Stage

Artist: Mason Lodge Inside

There will be full lineup of performers inside the lodge throughout the day, as well as a plethora of artists showing their work.  Refer to the performance listing for more information on the music.


NH Unity Mason Lodge Parking Lot — 3366 Adams Ave — Stage

Artist: Mason Lodge Parking Lot

The parking lot of the Mason Lodge will be showing exciting shows; please refer to the performance section for full lineup.




Exhibit Location: NH Unity Mason Lodge


The Ould Sod — 3373 Adams Ave — Stage

Artist: Mario Torero

Mario Acevedo Torero  was born in Lima, Peru in 1947.  He learned to paint and draw from his father, Guillermo Acevedo, who was an accomplished artist living and working in Lima.  In 1960, when Mario was twelve, his family immigrated to the United States in search of art, freedom and opportunity. They landed in San Diego, California and made the seaside city their home. From the very beginning, art and the artist’s life permeated Mario’s upbringing. His father quickly became a well known artist in San Diego, serving as a model to the new immediate first generations of the young Chicano Art Movement, which Mario was very much a part of.

Mario Torero Artist - The Blindfold - Liberty Station San  Diego  1997

Cesar Toledo, Ohio. Mario Torero Artist 2014

Artist Link:  Mario Torero

Exhibit Location: The Ould Sod


Sycamore Den — 3391 Adams Ave

Artist: Monty Montgomery

Monty Montgomery began exhibiting his work in 2002. Born and raised in Virginia, Montgomery loved black lines and bright colors at a very young age and was influenced by his mother who was a kindergarten teacher.  Montgomery’s use of “stars” in his work comes from years of sitting with his Grandfather as he pointed out constellations through the dark, small town, Virginia skies.

“Almost every single one of my pieces has a specific meaning to it, a vibe, a feeling or message that I want you to take in and walk away with,” Montgomery says. “I not only want to hit you with my vision of color and lines, but even more so with the message within each creation. My job is to create art that makes you feel.”

Montgomery recently combined forces with J Feather, another San Diego based Artist and the duo formed KREASHUN in 2012. KREASHUN is a combination of both Artist’s visions and talents coming together to create one lucid dream of experience upon interior and exterior walls around the globe.

Artist Link: Monty Montgomery

Exhibit Location: Sycamore Den


Key Crew — 3401-B Adams — located just south of Box Stop

Artist: Jen Fong

i consider my art organic. it flows from me when i’m inspired… a fleeting glimpse of what goes on in my head… and in my heart, unfiltered and indulgent. i believe we are all uniquely beautiful.. in rhythm and form, shape and balance, strength and vulnerability…physically, figuratively and spiritually. perfectly imperfect. a native san diegan, i am an enthusiast of hugs, smiles and recycling. i believe every day is a gift.. and live towards spreading love through art, music, and compassion…especially over coffee 🙂

Artist Link:  Jen Fong

Exhibit Location: Key Crew


The Box Stop — 3401-A Adams — Community Sponsor

Artist: Brise Birdsong

Brise Birdsong is an award winning book illustrator based in San Diego, CA.  She specializes in a variety of projects which include murals, teaching art, illustrating children’s books, painting, and digital illustration. Although she graduated from the Art Institute of California-San Diego with a Bachelors degree in Media Arts and Animation, her work is heavily based in acrylic painting.



Artist Link:  Brise Birdsong

Exhibit Location: The Box Stop


Rosie O’Grady’s — 3402 Adams Ave — Punch Card - Stage

Artist: Paris Davis

Regeneration-Art Recipe


1 Ton Donated Material

1 Artist

Step One: Collect donations in the local community.

Step Two: Blend in a high-speed mixer until smooth. Consistency should be like caramel.

Step Three: Ride On.

Artist Link: Paris Davis

Exhibit Location: Rosie O' Grady's


Heights Optometry — 3404 Adams Ave — Punch Card

Artist: Laura Ricci

‘m a self-taught visual artist from San Diego, CA. I began drawing out of the womb- my parents, my first love, myself. I began experimenting with paint before kindergarten and sold my first piece in the second grade (a reproduction of Andy Warhol’s Coca-Cola bottle) for thirty dollars. At eighteen, a veterinary clinic commissioned a five piece series of cats and dogs, for which I earned a lovely experience and sum ;). I attended LCAD, majoring in Fine Art, and received formal training. Then, like all artists, I did not complete the program. I tried to abandon “this gift”. Back-turned, arms crossed, art stood more stubborn than my effort to deny it. You are welcome, world!

Artist Link:  Laura Ricci

Exhibit Location: Heights Optometry


Blind Lady Ale House — 3416 Adams Ave

Artist: Matt Hoyt

Matt Hoyt is an independent American director, actor, voice actor, writer, and musician, from San Diego, California. Hoyt is best known for his music videos for the bands Pinback, The Blackheart Procession, Goblin Cock, & Paradise Boys. Hoyt is the founder of WormwoodFilms.com. Hoyt also co-owns the San Diego restaurant and bar Starlite with local music scene impresario Tim Mays and musician Steve Poltz. Hoyt is a frequent collaborator with artist Jason Sherry. Hoyt is currently developing the episodic comedy  Antarctic…huh?, as well as a feature film.  Come check out the preview of his lastest creation.

http://www.antarctichuh.com Antarctic…huh? is a comedic saga about a guy who takes a job working the junkyard in Antarctica to work on his novel.  A man escapes Southern California to take a job working the junkyard in Antarctica to work on his novel. He gets anything but peace and quiet.

Image may contain: text

Artist Link:  Matt Hoyt

Exhibit Location: Blind Lady Ale House


Brooklyn Bicycles — 3421 Adams Ave

Artist: Victor Villa

Victor Villa studied fine art at San Diego City College and is a contemporary urban abstract artist. He works in a variety of mediums creating paintings and sculptures with a design aesthetic derivative of the Futurism and Graffuturism movements.

No automatic alt text available.

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Artist Link: Victor Villa

Exhibit Location: Brooklyn Bicycles


Konrad and King — 3426 Adams Ave — Community / Blindspot Record Stage

Artist: Art Competition

Thumbprint Gallery and Exodus Studios presents the Art Around Adams Juried and Popular Vote Art Competition.

This is the finale of the year long art competition that has been ongoing the first Monday of every month at URBN in North Park.  Each month a group of artists have submitted their work for voting from a group of judges and the general population.  The winners of each month will be displaying their best work for the chance to gain a cash prize.  This is a much anticipated event for the artists, so come and show your support and cast your ballot for the best of the best.

Exhibit Location: Konrad and King


Black Anvil Tattoo Shop — 3439 Adams Ave

Artist: Black Anvil Tattoo Shop

Painting, Drawing, & Tattoo Art by Brent Hefner, Greg Bartz, & R.J. Grijalva

Exhibit Location: Black Anvil Tattoo Shop

Artist: RJ Grijalva

Professional Tattooer. Black Anvil Tattoo Shop

I’ve been tattooing professionally for the better part of a decade, and tinkering with machines since the beginning. In 2009 I started hand building tattoo machines from scratch. My machines have been constantly improved upon for years and I stand by my work. Every machine is guaranteed for life.

Artist Link: RJ Grijalva

Exhibit Location: Black Anvil Tattoo Shop

Artist: Greg Bartz

I have been obsessed with body art ever since I got my first tattoo. A mostly self-taught tattooer I have been tattooing since 2005. I love all styles of tattooing but have been really loving realism lately. I have been an artist as long as I can remember and got a graphic design degree in 2004 from the Academy of Art in San Francisco.
My art is greatly influenced by the world around me and the artists I work with. As well as such artists as Drew Struzan Mark Ryden, A. Mucha, Salem. Thanks for checking out my website. Feel free to drop me a line and ask any questions you may have. For my latest work and pictures check me out on

Artist link: Greg Bartz

Exhibit Location: Black Anvil Tattoo Shop

Artist: Brent Hefner

Brent Hefner began his love for art when he was a young boy. He was given a golden ticket and allowed inside a large beer brewing factory and led around by a strange man who liked to sing and dance with little people who sang songs making fun of other contest winners. He discovered at a young age the power of art but since singing and dancing really wasn’t his thing, he escaped and hid in Northern California.
He developed a love for drawing and painting and would draw pictures of skulls and demons while passing notes to girls in class. “Do you like me? Yes… No… Maybe….” This love for drawing developed into a full blown enterprise for Brent drawing pictures on notes for other people in school to pass off as their own.

By age 13 Brent was a full blown hundred-aire and was on top of the world until a girl went public with one of his notes and Brent was forced into art rehab. While in rehab 15 other girls came forward and snitched that Brent had been sending them art covered notes too. This forced Brent into hiding once again only to surface 10 years later….
In San Diego.
Part of his rehab was Brent was no longer allowed to make art on paper so he switched up and started tattooing people. Come in and meet with Brent as part of his lifelong battle with art addiction. Remember every little bit helps and you are not just doing it for art, or for Brent, you are doing it for Corey

Artist Link: Brent Hefner

Exhibit Location: Black Anvil Tattoo Shop


Bicycle Valet — 3426 Adams Ave — Sponsored by Brooklyn Bicycles

Artist: Bike Valet

Free bike valet provided by Brooklyn Bicycles.  Located on the east side of Black Anvil Tattoo, 3439 Adams Ave.  Come join the fun by riding your bike down to the event.


Smitty’s — 3441 Adams Ave — Stage

Artist: Smitty’s Stage

The Smitty’s Service area will be hosting a full lineup; please see the Performance section for lineup.  There will also be a variety of vendors showing their craft, come check it out.


Mariposa Ice Cream — 3450 Adams Ave

Artist: Padgett Mason

Padgett Mason is a San Diego artist known for her Pet Portraits as she has the ability of capturing the unique personality of each animal.  Every piece is highly energized, colorful, and typically injected with a bit of whimsy.  Cats and dogs are the most popular subjects but all animals are possible.  The majority of her work is in an illustrative fashion full of character and humor.  She also creates realistic pieces, though they are often charged with color.  The Funky Feline series emerged 7 years ago.  Original artwork can be seen at Spanish Village in Balboa Park as well as Mission Federal ArtWalk and Art Around Adams.

Artist Link: Padgett Mason

Exhibit Location: Mariposa Ice Cream


Normal Heights United Methodist Church — 4650 Mansfield St — Stage

Artist: Normal Heights United Methodist Church

See performance page for musical line-up


Humphrey Appliance — 3484 Adams Ave


Adams Ave Park — 3491 Adams Ave — Info Booth

Artist: Adams Ave Park

The Park will be a hub of acitivity.  The info booth will be giving away great free prizes for those who complete collecting the stamps along the bottom of the program.  Vendors, random performances, and music create good times.


Dimille’s — 3492 Adams Ave — Beer Garden / Stage

Artist: Dimille’s

Dimille’s is the official Art Around Adams host for the Beer Garden.  Come on by and enjoy a refreshing drink on the patio while listening to some great acoustic bands.  Check out the lineup in the Performances section.

Exhibit Location: Dimille's


Adams Avenue Book Store — 3502 Adams Ave — Punch Card

Artist: Virginia Klute

Layer upon layer of brilliant watercolors decorate a soft white sheet of paper, revealing a flower coming to life in the afternoon sun in Virginia Klute’s studio.

“I love color,” said Klute, who moved to Amherst County several years ago. “I just have [the flower] there and I look at it and if you want to learn how to look at something, try to paint it … you have to understand it before you can paint it.”

Klute said she has always loved to paint but it wasn’t until after she retired from periodontal work in New York that she was able to dedicate the desired amount of time to her art. Even as she planned to retire, she completed a Botanical Art and Illustration Certificate program at the New York Botanical Garden.

Image may contain: flower and plant

Image may contain: plant, flower and nature

Artist Link:  Virginia Klute

Exhibit Location: Adams Ave Bookstore


Barberside — 3506 Adams Ave

Artist: Lyndon Kersee

Dino Detective by bearmantooth

L'agneau by naiiade

Artist Link: Lyndon Kersee

Exhibit Location: Barberside


Artist: Enrique Plazola

I’ve been a working artist for 8 years. I specialize in illustration,concept art, and fine art. I was trained at Studio Second Street, and attended Art Center’s Entertainment Program.

Street Shark in Turtle Town by SketchMonster1

The Hunter in Time

Artist Link: Enrique Plazola

Exhibit Location: Barberside


Moncai Vegan — 3531 Adams Ave — Community Sponsor

Artist: Pharoah Laboa

I have worked and thrived in the design and art industry for over 9 years now. I adhere to the ever changing trends and market so I am very capable of creating ideas that move forward. I have had several design positions in the past as well as lead positions where I over saw production and approved projects. I have been recognized for my “think outside the box” mentality, creativity, self motivation, and positive attitude.

My career goal is to make it in the gaming or movie industry. I would love to be in charge of conceptualizing video games or developing horror movies. I know I have the potential and originality to bring to either industry.

Artist Link:  Pharoah Laboa

Exhibit Location: Moncai Vegan


San Diego Poke Company — 3533 Adams Ave

Artist: KimCHI

KimCHI (aka Linda Nguyen) is a San Diego native that grew up around Adams Avenue. Surrounded by several artists in her family, the expressive talent came naturally for her, and she has been creating since she was a child.

Her life experiences are her inspiration and her canvases capture your attention with their large scale and intricate detail. She also finds inspiration in the beauty and allure of sex and the female form. She displays the juxtaposition of dangerous beauty by adorning her girls with guns and ammo.

When KimCHI is not painting, she spends time designing costumes to cosplay for Comic Con International: San Diego. All components of her costumes are made by hand – she paints, forms, and sculpts everything from masks, weapons, and accessories. It’s a grueling process of trial and error, but the end results make everything worthwhile. She has been featured on several costume websites and even made an appearance on The Colbert Report. Eventually she would like to travel to other conventions in different cities to showcase her passion for cosplay.

maleficent standing edited.jpg

Artist Link:  Kimchi

Exhibit Location: San Diego Poke Company


The Normal Collective — 3532 Adams Ave — Punch Card

Artist: Nazz
Hello, My name is Nazz and I am a full-time creative. My escape from the everyday pixel perfection is to capture the fluid motion of gestural drawing through brush and ink. I believe that the faster you move the less you will think and the more you will paint with feeling.


Artist Link:  Nazz

Exhibit Location: The Normal Collective

Artist: Often Wander by Sarah Larson
Often Wander is an eclectic collection of adventure inspired candles, jewelry, home decor, succulents, and more.

Exhibit Location: The Normal Collective


Subway — 3540 Adams Ave

Artist: El Vaquero Muerto

I love to make the arts with the leather and the paints and the whiskeys. I enjoy freedom, liberty and being awesome. I create things for other people who like fun and interesting works of art in their lives.

No automatic alt text available.

No automatic alt text available.

Exhibit Location: Subway


Back From Tombuctou — 3554 Adams Ave — Punch Card

Artist: Marisol de las Casas

Marisol de las Casas is a local artist who has been painting for several years.  After suffering for more than seven years, I am healthy again, and am able to be the productive and creative person I want to be.”  She is now pain free and has regained her self-esteem. Look for her around town; she’s back to painting in her signature bright colors and selling her art at local festivals.


Exhibit Location: Back From Tomboctou


Home Start Thrift Boutique — 3611 Adams Ave — Punch Card

Artist: Shawn Erler


Image may contain: food

No automatic alt text available.

Artist Link: Shawn Erler

Exhibit Location: Home Start


Clay Associates — 3667 Adams Ave — Spring Sale, Community Sponsor

Artist: Clay Associates

Spring Ceramics Sale

Featuring new work by Associates and students
with new items added throughout the sale

Clay Associates is a ceramics studio whose mission is the advancement of the clay arts and of arts in general. It is a structured collective of nine associates – potters and sculptors. It maintains studio and classroom space in an encouraging and nourishing environment to promote growth in the creation and teaching of the clay arts.


The Clay Associates are Eric Woods, Evelyn Goldman, Gerald Thiebolt, Lance Walsh, Michael Nobel, Shaun Craig, and Warren Bakley.

Artist Link: Clay Associates

Exhibit Location: Clay Associates

Artist: Eric Woods

Associate at Clay Associates

Exhibit Location: Clay Associates

Artist: Evelyn Goldman

An autodidact in ceramics, I was introduced to clay at the Genesee Co-op Communiversity in Rochester, New York in 1972.  For the most part, my work is wheel thrown; stoneware is my medium. While confining myself to the rigors of the potter’s wheel, my personal challenge is produce work which contains strong organic elements. .

In recent years, I have been exploring the wide world of hand built ceramics. The results are wedge and box shaped plant holders, along with the beginnings of sculptural forms.

Exhibit Location: Clay Associates

Artist: Gerald Thiebolt

His work is on display at the Memorial Wall, Unitarian Univresalist Fellowship of San Diego, in Solana Beach, as well as the Wall of Remembrance, Sacred Heart Church of Ocean Beach (not open to the public).

Exhibit Location: Clay Associates

Artist: Shaun Craig

I am a 4th generation San Diego native who grew up loving the mountains, desert and beaches. Drawing was my first love until I discovered clay in the 3rd. grade. I am continually inspired by natural and native elements in my environment.  I am constantly finding inspiration from sticks, rocks, pinecones and other elements of nature. The complex simplicity in the forms is a source of never ending fascination for me. I love to use art in my life so when people have a piece of mine I want them to use it and enjoy it in an everyday setting.

Exhibit Location: Clay Associates

Artist: Warren Bakley

I hold a Bachelor of Fine arts degree from the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA with continuing study in ceramics and clay arts at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Maine and Alfred University, Alfred NY. My work experience has been as Exhibits Designer with the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, Design Consultant for American Olean Tile Company, Landsdowne, PA, Interior Designer with three major architectural firms, and institutional and residential projects as an Associate with Diversified Interior Design Associates, Philadelphia, PA.

My teaching experience has been of graduate level design at Drexel University and Moore College of Art. As well as classical Art and Sculpture through Trenton State UniversityDesign, San Diego State University, the Community Colleges of Cuyamaca and Southwestern in California and Ceramics at Clay Associates.

I am a nine times first prize winner of the annual Sculpture Division, Imperial Beach Sand Sculpture Competition, Imperial Beach, CA.

Exhibit Location: Clay Associates

Artist: Michael Nobel
My work in Ceramics is an exploration of nature as a medium to finding new self-truths. The forms that I work with explore soulful moments of life transitions as a son, father, and lover.  While studying ceramics at George Fox University I was introduced to Anagama (wood) and Raku firing. My foundation in art is based on the complexity that is explored in the Edo period of Japanese Art. 
Michael Noble currently holds the position of Associate at Clay Associates in San Diego, CA. His work in Ceramics for the last seventeen years has been in wheel throwing and hand-building. Michael has worked as an Artist in Residence at Landon School in Bethesda, Maryland. He studied art at George Fox University in Portland, Oregon and other schools in Maryland. 
Artist Link: Michael Nobel


Exhibit Location: Clay Associates

Artist: Lance Walsh

Creating ceramics is a constant journey. Beginning my journey 6 years ago as a Student at Clay Associates. Trying new glazes and different techniques keeps it fun and interesting. Mostly I like the experimental aspect of creative process, I never really know what I am going to get.

Exhibit Location: Clay Associates


Chez Rouge — 3683 Adams Ave

Artist: KimCHI

KimCHI (aka Linda Nguyen) is a San Diego native that grew up around Adams Avenue. Surrounded by several artists in her family, the expressive talent came naturally for her, and she has been creating since she was a child.

Her life experiences are her inspiration and her canvases capture your attention with their large scale and intricate detail. She also finds inspiration in the beauty and allure of sex and the female form. She displays the juxtaposition of dangerous beauty by adorning her girls with guns and ammo.

When KimCHI is not painting, she spends time designing costumes to cosplay for Comic Con International: San Diego. All components of her costumes are made by hand – she paints, forms, and sculpts everything from masks, weapons, and accessories. It’s a grueling process of trial and error, but the end results make everything worthwhile. She has been featured on several costume websites and even made an appearance on The Colbert Report. Eventually she would like to travel to other conventions in different cities to showcase her passion for cosplay.

Artist Link: KimCHI (aka Linda Nguyen)

Exhibit Location: Chez ROUGE Salon


Kiko and Sven — 3723 Adams Ave

Artist: Jennifer McHugh

I’m a California native and live in beautiful San Diego with my husband and three kids. There are a few things that are necessary for my overall contentment and well-being, and they have been the same my whole life – traveling, exploring new places, meeting new people, creating, eating and cooking good food and spending time with friends and family. Then there are the little things that just make me giddy with happiness. That first sip of good strong coffee, anything handmade, the beach, freshly brewed sun tea, the color yellow, waking up in a new city, thrift store scores, a new magazine in my mailbox, long walks…and paint on my hands. I spent most of my adult life teaching English to students both here and abroad. This fulfilled my love of teaching and travel, but creativity has always played an important role in my personal growth. At one point, my need for even more creativity led me to painting, and I’ve never looked back. Painting is my passion and I’m so happy to share it with you!

Rocket Through the Wilderness

Day at the Races #2


Artist Link:  Jennifer McHugh

Exhibit Location: Kiko and Sven


Get Fit on Adams — 3806 Adams Ave — Stage

Artist: Get Fit on Adams

2nd annual planking contest going on all day.  1st place gets a prize!  Stop in a give it a try and learn about the core if you don’t already know about it!  The body is its own form of art and is capable of many things!

Exhibit Location: Get Fit On Adams

Artist: Kristen Allen

Kristen Allen is a San Diego native artist residing in Ocean Beach. She received a bachelors degree in fine art from San Diego State University with an emphasis in painting and printmaking. Her work varies from fine art acrylic paintings, pastel drawings, original handmade clothing, jewelry, and hand painted cocktail glasses.

My inspiration comes from many places. I am always drawn to the power of color. Some pieces capture an emotion or eventful moment in my life. I am often inspired by nature and it’s parallel to our modern world. I often find inspiration in music, fashion, emotion, movement, texture

Image may contain: dog

No automatic alt text available.

Artist Link: Kristen Allen

Exhibit Location: Get Fit On Adams


Artist: Daniel Jaimes

Thanks to a little known space fantasy film called Star Wars which premiered in May 1977…it was by far the most amazing and Epic movie I’ve ever seen!  As for this 10 year old native kid at that time…I was totally blown away by the special effects which inspired me to pick up a pencil  and began drawing spaceships, characters and battle scenes from the movie which seemed to come natural at such a young age.

Present Day: My work is now recognized and appreciated by many at every exhibit I show, from Comic Con to people’s homes, coffee shops, wineries, restaurants, respectable galleries, beautiful hotels, live music concert halls and most of all…Charity events, because giving back is priceless!

Artist Link:  Daniel Jaimes

Exhibit Location: Get Fit On Adams


Artist: Kathleen Elaine

I am a mixed media and collage artist as well as a decorative painter. I have been painting and experimenting with all kinds of arts and crafts for many years. My work is eclectic, colorful and whimsical. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do creating it.

Exhibit Location: Get Fit On Adams


Artist: Gretchen Eichar

Exhibit Location: Get Fit On Adams


The Haven — 4051 Adams Ave

Artist: JXL Studio / Tend

TEND was born in 2006 as a response to founder Britton Neubacher’s observation of the profound effect plant life had on her Social Work clientele. Non-profit program resources were limited and plants became an easy way to decorate and create an inviting space. But something much more powerful began to happen the greater the presence of living greens. Upon entering these greened spaces, an audible deep breath would fall over people seeking solace and their shoulders would drop in a visibly relaxed state. What was a crisis drop-in center became a tranquil sanctuary where program utilization increased and even rival gang members laid down their arguments to sit quietly together during their free time. Seeking her own respite from the high stress of Social Service work, Neubacher began building miniature versions of these sanctuaries in the form of the first Eco Orb; a high-style hanging glass terrarium utilizing serene, modern design with imaginative plants. The mental transcendence these terrariums would inspire, and their wide-spread popularity further confirmed the power of plants to enhance our well-being and imagination.

Scott Caligure Photography

Scott Caligure Photography

Artist Link:  JXL Studio / Tend

Exhibit Location: The Haven Pizzeria


Good Vibrations Chiropractic — 4060 Adams Ave — Punch Card

Artist: Kelly Paige Standard

Kelly Paige Standard – a depictive oil painter – specializes in painting people. Her hauntingly accessible figures radiate with an honest balance of joy and sadness. Using strong values and colors, she explores and celebrates the best parts of being human. Kelly’s paintings are often solitary, occasionally piercing, but always mysteriously truthful and radiant.

Artist Link:  Kelly Paige Standard

Exhibit Location: Good Vibrations Family Chiropractic


Buddies and Babes — 4071 Adams Ave — Punch

Artist: Sarah Soward

Sarah holds a BFA from the California College of the Arts. Her work has been shown across the United States. As a child in Germany, her writing and artwork were included in DoDDS publications and exhibitions. One of her rhinoceros paintings, Medicine, was accepted into the Wildlife Artist of the Year 2013 exhibition in London, England. Another of her rhinoceros paintings, Sky Blue, was accepted into theArtist4Rhino exhibition at a museum in Genoa, Italy.

image of Suci Rhino by Sarah Soward

Sky Creature painting of a giraffe by Sarah Soward

Artist Link: Sarah Soward

Exhibit Location: Buddies and Babes


Moosies Classic Ice Cream — 4073 Adams Ave

Artist: Darnel Tasker
Darnel Tasker’s art work has been featured in countless shows and exhibits in San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City. Her style resonates with the young and old. She is continuously able to make a connection and inspire viewers to find new perspectives, hope and reflection. She is currently working on an educational travel app that she hopes will help foster the idea of “Uno Mundo” or one world.
Darnel’s creativity is endless. For the past 7 years she has committed herself to completing a drawing every single day. She continues this exercise and posts her daily drawings on her blog,
Darnel spends most of her time in San Francisco learning from and growing with her 3 year old daughter Zoey and her husband Saul.
Artist Link:  Darnel Tasker

Exhibit Location: Moosie's Ice Cream


Village Vino — 4095 Adams Ave

Artist: Angela Harken

A celebrated painter, her intuitive sense of painting has inspired others to take action in their own lives to live a life filled with possibility. Her paintings are inspired by her passions- the love of the human figure, floral design, nature, the ocean, her infatuation with color and the relationships in her life. Angela’s painting style introduces the connection to mind, body, and spirit. This unique fusion offers up a truly heart opening experience- one that honors intuition, self-discovery and embracing the unknown.

Angela is honored to be a certified Golden Paints educator and volunteers as a teacher at A.R.T.S. (a non-profit nationally recognized organization that believes in the power of the arts and creativity to literally transform lives – especially those of kids.)

Artist Link: Angela Harken

Exhibit Location: Village Vino


Clem’s Tap House — 4108 Adams Ave — Punch Card - Stage

Artist: Elena Sabo

My name is Elena and I’m a Florida transplant residing beachside in sunny San Diego, California. I come from a long-line of amateur artists and I’m so excited to finally be fulfilling my destiny! I paint for the sheer joy of painting- as it brings out my inner child. Adulthood is overrated! I love playing with color and am heavily inspired by the great outdoors and music. My style is abstract and whimsical and every painting is designed to spread the message of love.

Artist Link: Elena Sabo

Exhibit Location: Clem's Tap House


Kensington Library Park — 4121 Adams — Stage

Artist: Kensignton Library Park

Kensington Library Park will have a full lineup of shows; see the performance page for more details.


Megan A Beauvais, Realtor, Ascent Real Estate — 4134 Adams — Supporting Business / Not Participating in Day of Event

Artist: Supporting Business – Ascent Real Estate


Image result for megan beauvais ascent real estate

Exhibit Location: Ascent Real Estate


Edward Jones — 4134 Adams — Community Sponsor

Artist: Mateo Vega

Mixed Media Artist living in San Diego, Ca.  Nature, form, humans, history and music

Artist Link: Mateo Vega

Exhibit Location: Subway


Kensington Cafe — 4141 Adams Ave

Artist: Kristyan Stjerne

After years of training under the tutelidge of yoga legends Dharma Mittra, Tim Miller, and more, Kristyan ‘Kish’ Stjerne has gained perspective into life that many surfers have been unable to tap into. And now, with his infectious stoke and energy, his canvas is whatever he chooses. 

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Image result for kristyan stjerne art


Artist Link:  Kristyan Stjerne

Exhibit Location: Kensington Cafe


The UPS Store — 4142 Adams Ave #103

Artist: Paul Naylor

My name is Paul Naylor, I’m an illustrator/designer living in San Diego, where I’ve been my whole life.  I have been drawing since I was three, and currently specialize in acrylic paintings / illustration, and also enjoy logo and general design.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree from the Art Institute of San Diego in graphic design.  I’ve been lucky enough to perform and educate for audiences at the San Diego Zoo, Downtown Disney, and many other events around the US. I currently work with my friends and mentors at Launch Live Art, where I paint, perform, and have even played live percussion.

I was drawn to graphic design because I was intrigued by the idea of using typography artistically, and I’ve always loved art associated with underground music and film, especially from decades past where emphasis was heavy on hand-rendering. I also play drums in a couple local bands, and love when visual art and music can be combined. Big influences on my art include a long love of animals, old horror and sci-fi movies, vast natural landscapes (especially Yosemite), Godzilla, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Mid-Century Modern design, and music.

Artist Link:  Paul Naylor

Exhibit Location: The UPS Store


Clip Art Salon — 4155 Adams Ave

Artist: Annie Hardy

Local artist, Annie Hardy, is a native to San Diego and has been a brow & makeup artist at ‘Brow Lounge’ in Downtown, La Jolla for the past 9 years. Growing up she engaged in many forms of art including choir, musical theatre, makeup artistry, and cake decorating.

It was not until 2011 that Annie found her love for oil painting. Pursuing her passion, she dove into the local art community and began participating in many live art shows and festivals around the city. Inspired by all forms of life and beauty in nature, Annie paints a wide range of subjects from animals and people to landscapes and city skylines. Her peers and other local artists, however, more commonly know her for her detailed leaf and flower paintings.

Image may contain: 1 person

Image may contain: one or more people and closeup

Artist Link:  Annie Hardy

Exhibit Location: Clip Art Salon


Zen Sanctuary — 4183 Adams — Punch Card - Stage

Artist: Living Painting in collaboration with Jetter Green

“Living Painting in collaboration with Jetter Green” instillation inside one of the rooms at Zen. It is a combination of a geometric painting with digital graphics layered onto it. The exhibit is in the dark and the painting comes alive.



The painting is by Jetter Green at http://jettergreen.com/
the graphic portion is by Felix King

Exhibit Location: Zen Sanctuary


Artist: Jen Root

Artist Link:  Jen Root

Exhibit Location: Zen Sanctuary


Pappalecco — 4202 Adams Ave — Punch Card

Artist: Cecilia Anastos

Multi-cultural and polyglot artist, Cecilia Anastos, has always used the canvas to express her mind and soul.  After a long career as linguist, and then as strategic intelligence analyst and cyber intelligence specialist, she is now turning into her passions: painting, dog training and horse massage therapy. This eclectic background does not fit into a conventional artist’s bio, and that is what you see in Cecilia’s paintings: her sense of humor plastered all over the canvas, and no conventional rules. She has spent her life following rules so when she paints she likes to defy all conventional wisdom.

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Artist Link:  Cecilia Anastos


Exhibit Location: Pappalecco


Snapology of San Diego — 4204 Adams Ave

Artist: Lego Creations

Lego builds and structural art made from children’s building material.  There will be an area for kids to participate and make their own creation during the event to be showcased.

Image result for lego kids art

Image result for lego kids art

Exhibit Location: Snapology