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Artist Listing

Aaron Cathcart — Wood Sculpture

Artist: Aaron Cathcart

I am humbled to share my story, my craft with the world. To take part in an age old  practice is to reach back thousands of years and learn from people who were doing exactly what I’m doing now. To add my own ideas and techniques to the ever-expanding body of wisdom, and to then give it away to future craftsmen just like myself is, truly meaningful. Wisdom is mankind’s greatest asset.


Artist Link: Aaron Cathcart

Exhibit Location: Sycamore Den


Amber Leonard — Drawing, Photography, Writing

Artist: Amber Leonard

No automatic alt text available.

Artist Link: Amber Leonard

Exhibit Location: Humphrey Appliance


Amy Baca Lopez — Paintings

Artist: Amy Baca Lopez

One day I decided to take a long walk. This notion took me to Spain, where I trekked 303 miles along the Camino de Santiago. The journey inspired me to get back into slow process image making. When I returned home to the States, I treated my inner artist to paints and canvas. I’ve been a full-time art-making-machine ever since.

I am influenced by Spanish Masters– Miró, Picasso, Gaudi, Dali. I am also inspired by street art, the evidence of time, distressed wood, rusty metal, patterns in nature, and music.

You can find me at the Hillcrest Farmers’ Market every Sunday in San Diego.



Artist Link: Amy Baca Lopez

Exhibit Location: Discount Fabrics


Anna Tillett — Mixed Media Art

Artist: Anna Tillett

Anna Tillett was born in Florida, where she spent the majority of her life until attending college at Memphis College of Art in Memphis, TN.  While in SoCal, she enjoyed eating her way through L.A., painting socially awkward bunnies, and illustrating for children’s books.

Tillett’s work has been licensed for use as set decor on  “The Mistle-tones”, as well as “Secrets From a Stylist”.  You can currently find her work at Signed and Numbered of Salt Lake City, Tin Top of Winchester, VA, Viva Pops of San Diego, Sassysquatch tees at, and her original paintings represented through Trifecta Gallery of Las Vegas, Graphite Galleries of New Orleans, and Bear and Bird Gallery of Ft. Lauderhill.


Image result for anna tillett artist san diego


Artist Link: Anna Tillett

Exhibit Location: Viva Pops


Anthony Guzman — Live Painting to Music

Artist: Anthony Guzman

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Exhibit Location: Alternative Healing Network


Art Competition

Artist: Art Competition

Thumbprint Gallery and Exodus Studios presents the Art Around Adams Juried and Popular Vote Art Competition.

This is the finale of the year long art competition that has been ongoing the first Monday of every month at URBN in North Park.  Each month a group of artists have submitted their work for voting from a group of judges and the general population.  The winners of each month will be displaying their best work for the chance to gain a cash prize.  This is a much anticipated event for the artists, so come and show your support and cast your ballot for the best of the best.

Exhibit Location: Normal Heights United Methodist Church


ArtFORM / Rare Hare Studios — Artist

Artist: ArtFORM / Rare Hare Studios

ArtFORM will have an open house displaying the types of projects that can be made from creative reuse.  Creative Reuse Store OPEN during the Art Around Adams event.  Come gather recycled materials and art supplies for a low cost donation.

This year they are featuring an Elvis head display.

Image may contain: 2 people

Exhibit Location: ArtFORM / Rare Hare Studios


Bernard — Curbside Paintings

Artist: Bernard

Bernard has been doing curbside art for over 20 years.

Artist Link: Bernard

Exhibit Location: Viva Pop


Brise Birdsong — Murals and Pet Portraits

Artist: Brise Birdsong

Brise Birdsong is an award winning book illustrator based in San Diego, CA.  She specializes in a variety of projects which include murals, teaching art, illustrating children’s books, painting, and digital illustration. Although she graduated from the Art Institute of California-San Diego with a Bachelors degree in Media Arts and Animation, her work is heavily based in acrylic painting.


Image result for brise birdsong artist



Artist Link:  Brise Birdsong

Exhibit Location: The Box Stop


Bruce Fayman — Painting

Artist: Bruce Fayman

Whether introduced by early explorers or exploding from the well-tended gardens of the suburbs, invasive plants have created a foothold that they are unlikely to surrender any time soon.  As they change the environment in which they now thrive they are labeled as aggressive, invasive or noxious.  Some of the plants can quickly wipe out acres of other native plants or cultivated corps, while other move slowly through riparian area.  Though we assign them traits based on their ability to wreak havoc on an ecosystem, many of these plants appear as beautiful flowers, trees, and grasses to the untrained eye.  They can be spectacular when blanketing a forest floor or spreading color across open fields and hillsides.  These are all original photographs taken from the environments where these plants have taken root.

Artist Link: Bruce Fayman

Exhibit Location: Bench Home

Cassandra Schramm — Paintings

Artist: Cassandra Schramm

I am from Southern California, but i recently moved back to San Diego after 7 years of living in Boston. I have been painting my whole life but I have been a muralist for over 18 years.

My paintings are as random as my life. I am inspired by everything around me but my usual subject matter is eyes. The reflection and human connection associated with eyes. I have always found it hard to look someone in the eyes when I am talking to them. I have tried to be better at this as the years pass. When you make eye contact with another person, you let down your guard, it is growing vulnerability the longer the contact lasts. There are many theories on eye contact while talking, but I notice that there is a limit, most people must look away off and on, while talking.

Artist Link: Cassandra Schramm

Exhibit Location: Heights Optometry


Chris Lopez — Murals

Artist: Chris Lopez


White Rabbit Day Spa will be hosting a stage the day of the event.  Please see the performance tab for more information.

Image result for white rabbit day spa

Exhibit Location: White Rabbit Day Spa


Clay Associates — Ceramics / Pottery / Sculpture

Artist: Clay Associates

Spring Ceramics Sale

Featuring new work by Associates and students
with new items added throughout the sale

Clay Associates is a ceramics studio whose mission is the advancement of the clay arts and of arts in general. It is a structured collective of nine associates – potters and sculptors. It maintains studio and classroom space in an encouraging and nourishing environment to promote growth in the creation and teaching of the clay arts.


The Clay Associates are Eric Woods, Evelyn Goldman, Gerald Thiebolt, Lance Walsh, Michael Nobel, Shaun Craig, and Warren Bakley.

Artist Link: Clay Associates

Exhibit Location: Clay Associates

D Benzo — Paintings

Artist: D Benzo

Born in San Diego but raised in Northern California, Bay Area I’ve always had the passion for art. As a kid I always drew on anything I can get my hands on, from furniture, family photos, desks, benches, light poles, even to walls.  At first they were meaningless sketches and doodles of a wandering mind, a prolific daydreamer. Seemingly expressionless until I noticed, or was noticed by others, that what I would draw seemed to appeal to people.  From trees, to stick figures, to comic book heroes, even to cartoony versions of friends, and eventually pin-ups, I would draw just to pass the time.  This eventually would culminate into pursuing my dream.  

Artist link:  D Benzo

Exhibit Location: Soda and Swine


Daniel Jaimes — Paintings, Pencil, Cartoons

Artist: Daniel Jaimes

Thanks to a little known space fantasy film called Star Wars which premiered in May 1977…it was by far the most amazing and Epic movie I’ve ever seen!  As for this 10 year old native kid at that time…I was totally blown away by the special effects which inspired me to pick up a pencil  and began drawing spaceships, characters and battle scenes from the movie which seemed to come natural at such a young age.

Present Day: My work is now recognized and appreciated by many at every exhibit I show, from Comic Con to people’s homes, coffee shops, wineries, restaurants, respectable galleries, beautiful hotels, live music concert halls and most of all…Charity events, because giving back is priceless!

Artist Link:  Daniel Jaimes

Exhibit Location: Polite Provisions


Elena Maria — Paintings

Artist: Elena Maria

My name is Elena and I’m a Florida transplant residing beachside in sunny San Diego, California. I come from a long-line of amateur artists and I’m so excited to finally be fulfilling my destiny! I paint for the sheer joy of painting- as it brings out my inner child. Adulthood is overrated! I love playing with color and am heavily inspired by the great outdoors and music. My style is abstract and whimsical and every painting is designed to spread the message of love.

Artist Link: Elena Sabo

Exhibit Location: Edward Jones


Elie Kennedy — Rock Paintings

Artist: Elie Kennedy

Image result for porg painting on rock

Artist Link:  Elie Kennedy

Exhibit Location: Blackmarket Bakery


Enrique Plazola — Illustration

Artist: Enrique Plazola

I’ve been a working artist for 8 years. I specialize in illustration, concept art, and fine art. I was trained at Studio Second Street, and attended Art Center’s Entertainment Program.

Street Shark in Turtle Town by SketchMonster1

The Hunter in Time

Artist Link: Enrique Plazola

Exhibit Location: The Ould Sod


Eric Woods — Sculpture / Pottery

Artist: Eric Woods

Exhibit Location: Clay Associates

Eric Yandell — 3-D Art

Artist: Eric Yandell

Artist Link: Eric Yandell

Exhibit Location: Kensington Brewing Company


Evelyn Goldman — Ceramics

Artist: Evelyn Goldman

An autodidact in ceramics, I was introduced to clay at the Genesee Co-op Communiversity in Rochester, New York in 1972.  For the most part, my work is wheel thrown; stoneware is my medium. While confining myself to the rigors of the potter’s wheel, my personal challenge is produce work which contains strong organic elements. .

In recent years, I have been exploring the wide world of hand built ceramics. The results are wedge and box shaped plant holders, along with the beginnings of sculptural forms.

Exhibit Location: Clay Associates

Fabiana Foca — Mosaics and Photography

Artist: Fabiana Foca

Fabiana Foca was born in Brazil on April 20th 1981. Moved to San Diego in 2001 and have been locally doing art ever since. Mosaic art and Photography are the most noticeable mediums on Fabiana’s resume. The photography is manually transferred into the wood. One of a kind (unlike prints) every single photo is an original piece of art. All recycled wood for the wood transfers and recycled materials for the mosaics as well.

Purple Flor


Artist Link: Fabiana Foca

Exhibit Location: Home Start


Fractalasia — Digital

Artist: Fractalasia

Fractalasia by fractek

Artist Link: Fractalasia

Exhibit Location: Discount Fabrics


Friendly Feathers — Jewelry

Artist: Friendly Feathers

Friendly Feathers aims to provide fashion lovers a conscious and earth friendly way to wear plumage. We want to make the birds more important, to connect customers with the origins of feathers.

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Artist Link: Friendly Feathers Jewelry

Exhibit Location: Discount Fabric

Gerald Thiebolt — Ceramics

Artist: Gerald Thiebolt

His work is on display at the Memorial Wall, Unitarian Univresalist Fellowship of San Diego, in Solana Beach, as well as the Wall of Remembrance, Sacred Heart Church of Ocean Beach (not open to the public).

Exhibit Location: Clay Associates

J. L. Anichowski — Paintings

Artist: J. L. Anichowski

I was born and raised in Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada. Through my schooling there I came to the realization that all I wanted to do in life was paint and create. So I packed up and moved to southern California, where I have continued my learning, painting, and creating.

I’m inspired by life. The works of Salvador Dali, Micheal Parks, and the wonderful San Diego local artists I’ve come to personally know help to shape my vision. I find my paintings in the forms of the clouds, the bubbles in my bath, and in the playfulness of the creatures of nature.

Artist Link:  J. L. Anichowski

Exhibit Location: Uptown Bicycles


Jacki Geary — Paintings, watercolor, pastel, etc

Artist: Jacki Geary

Jacki Geary explores the psychology of introspective moments in her female subjects.  She illustrates her focused parallel views of women as beautiful, yet tough; strong, yet vulnerable.  Often embracing a vintage aesthetic, Geary’s paintings serve as a collection of quasi-self-portraiture.

Jacki Geary was born in Ridgewood, New Jersey. She studied at Western Connecticut State University and graduated with honors, earning a BFA with a concentration in photography. After a 10 year career as a professional photographer, Geary began painting.  Working initially as an abstract painter for 9 years, she eventually fused abstraction with female portraiture.  Using acrylics, oils, pastels, charcoal, and watercolors, Geary continues to combine the essence of abstract expressionism with figurative beauty in her most recent work.

Artist Link: Jackie Geary

Exhibit Location: Mona Lizzy's


Jackie Stenzel — Hand-crafted Jewelry

Artist: Jackie Stenzel

When I’m not teaching yoga or working at my restaurant job, I like to sit down and relax with some cool jams, a big glass of coconut water (or coffee), and go into a deep jewelry-making meditation.  When the mood is right, I like to drift off into my creative zone for hours of end.  The act of creating and making things with my hands is so satisfying,…it’s a way of letting my creative energy flow, and finding expression through color and form.  Sometimes I will be listening to African drum beats or Hawaiian ukulele, and the music will inspire a more colorful palate of mixed stones together to create some rather funky pieces! Other times, I will play some Indian music or Native American flute, which creates a more meditative jewelry making process.

The jewelry pieces I create are a collection of unique and one-of-a-kind handmade items. I like to keep mixing it up; with new materials and stones, different techniques and methods of making the pieces. The styles are diverse and ever-changing. This is what keeps me making jewelry, – the shear freedom to make whatever I’m inspired to in that moment makes me feel so ALIVE! I love that my creative work can also bring beauty and happiness to someone else out there!

Bohemian Tribe Necklace Green Turquoise Howlite Stone Necklace Brass Statement Necklace Beaded Necklace

Red and gold earrings faceted stone Magenta Fuschia pink agate stone Drop earrings handmade earrings

Artist Link:  Jackie Stenzel

Exhibit Location: Shanti Spa and Gallery


Jennifer Jean Lee — Multimedia

Artist: Jennifer Jean Lee

I am a multimedia artist with a BA from UC San Diego. I often find myself exploring art by trial and error. I continue to evolve my style by experimenting with new mediums, while my insatiable curiosity about the world and human nature drives me to learn something new everyday.

Artist Link: Jennifer Jean Lee

Exhibit Location: Subway


Jennifer McHugh — Abstract Paintings

Artist: Jennifer McHugh

I’m a California native and live in beautiful San Diego with my husband and three kids. There are a few things that are necessary for my overall contentment and well-being, and they have been the same my whole life – traveling, exploring new places, meeting new people, creating, eating and cooking good food and spending time with friends and family. Then there are the little things that just make me giddy with happiness. That first sip of good strong coffee, anything handmade, the beach, freshly brewed sun tea, the color yellow, waking up in a new city, thrift store scores, a new magazine in my mailbox, long walks…and paint on my hands. I spent most of my adult life teaching English to students both here and abroad. This fulfilled my love of teaching and travel, but creativity has always played an important role in my personal growth. At one point, my need for even more creativity led me to painting, and I’ve never looked back. Painting is my passion and I’m so happy to share it with you!

Artist Link:  Jennifer McHugh

Exhibit Location: Bench Home


Jonathan Wenner (Unity21) — Artist

Artist: Jonathan Wenner (Unity21)

Jonathan Wenner was born in Manhasset, New York. He grew up in both Elmont, New York and Newfoundland, Pennsylvania. The urban versus country atmospheres sculpted into multi faceted content. His education has been gained from experience, a few teachers and the privilege of great peers met sporadically all over the United States. He has painted murals in Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Chicago, San Diego and specializes in custom helmets, bikes, cars, tattoos, portraits, and pretty much anything artistic he will find a way to make it happen. The name Unity came as a result of spiritual experience and it simply displaces himself from taking credit for what God is doing through him. He currently resides in San Diego as a home base but will continue to travel all over the world, painting, learning cultures, and creating unity.

Artist Link: Jonathan Wenner (Unity21)

Exhibit Location: Zia Gourmet Pizza


June Rubin Artist — Watercolor, Paintings, Mosaics

Artist: June Rubin Artist

You are cordially invited to TRUE BLUE art exhibition of the Rubin family and friends!
This yearly event will be in conjunction with Art Around Adams and will include artists with developmental disabilities from St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center along with the Rubin family. THE ARTISTS ARE ROCKIN’ IT BLUE! “Diamonds in the Veins” with glistening gems along the veins of blue leaves by June Rubin, “Aqua Blue” mosaic on distressed wood frame by sister Linda Rubin, and “Geo in Blue” by mother Donna Rubin aka Gayle Grant will be on display! Come celebrate with us! Light refreshments provided! A portion of the sales will benefit the non-profit St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center.

The idea for the “True Blue” art show was the brainchild of San Diego artist June Rubin. “Lets call our 9th annual Rubin art show TRUE BLUE – then it can be about loyal friends and family as well as the love of the color blue”.

True Blue Rubin Artist’s Reception:
True Blue show will run for the month of June.

Displaying FirstTrue%20Blue_1424.jpeg.jpg

Artist Link: June Rubin

Exhibit Location: Sophie's Kensington Gallery


Katie Halvin — Paintings

Artist: Katie Halvin

Ever since she was a little girl, Katie has been enthralled by color, nature and music. Their respective influence on her, undeniable and their combined influence upon her, life changing!  Sharing her world through art so that it may influence someone else to pursuit their dream first is what drives her.  Each day she strives to create something new. When she succeeds her flight of fancy comes alive in the hearts and minds of others.


Artist Link: Katie Halvin

Exhibit Location: The Book Tree


Keith Greene — Tattoo Artist

Artist: Keith Greene
Keith was born and reared in Brooklyn, New York and realized at an early age that he was gifted and destined to be an artist.  Keith graduated from the High School of Art and Design and the School of Visual Arts in New York City.  He lived in Sweden for 13 years and expanded his artistic focus while defining his art. He returned to the States in 2001 and now lives and works in San Diego, California, as a Tattoo and freelance artist. Keith paints and draws in his free time as he expands his artistic knowledge and expresses his gift of creativity.


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Exhibit Location: Federation Ink


Kelly Paige Standard — Oil Painting

Artist: Kelly Paige Standard

Kelly Paige Standard – a depictive oil painter – specializes in painting people. Her hauntingly accessible figures radiate with an honest balance of joy and sadness. Using strong values and colors, she explores and celebrates the best parts of being human. Kelly’s paintings are often solitary, occasionally piercing, but always mysteriously truthful and radiant.

Artist Link:  Kelly Paige Standard

Exhibit Location: Good Vibrations Family Chiropractic


KimCHI — Cosplay Outfits

Artist: KimCHI

KimCHI (aka Linda Nguyen) is a San Diego native that grew up around Adams Avenue. Surrounded by several artists in her family, the expressive talent came naturally for her, and she has been creating since she was a child.

Her life experiences are her inspiration and her canvases capture your attention with their large scale and intricate detail. She also finds inspiration in the beauty and allure of sex and the female form. She displays the juxtaposition of dangerous beauty by adorning her girls with guns and ammo.

When KimCHI is not painting, she spends time designing costumes to cosplay for Comic Con International: San Diego. All components of her costumes are made by hand – she paints, forms, and sculpts everything from masks, weapons, and accessories. It’s a grueling process of trial and error, but the end results make everything worthwhile. She has been featured on several costume websites and even made an appearance on The Colbert Report. Eventually she would like to travel to other conventions in different cities to showcase her passion for cosplay.

Artist Link: KimCHI (aka Linda Nguyen)

Exhibit Location: Chez ROUGE Salon


Kristi Cherundolo — Paintings

Artist: Kristi Cherundolo

Cherundolo’s art is about taking these pursuits of perfection and redirecting our perspectives. A controlled and refined approach brought together by reacquiring the infinitely possible in lieu of reality. Cherundolo’s art uses the many faucets of life and the roles required to succeed in it, in order to craft a scene that captures the innocence of unbound and unpolluted beauty while weaving a tapestry of naturally present curves and momentum so prevalent in our day-to-day lives.

Home Designs

Artist Link: Kristie Cherundolo

Exhibit Location: Moosie's Ice Cream


Laurie Nasica — Paintings

Artist: Laurie Nasica

French born San Diego based artist. I have hands, I paint things. Mostly hoping for the best.

Exhibit Location: Little Dame

Lenny Millones — Live Painting to Music

Artist: Lenny Millones

Artist Link: Lenny Millones

Exhibit Location: Alternative Healing Network

Leroy Davis — Paintings, Mixed Media

Artist: Leroy Davis

Acrylics, Oils, Mixed Media, Ink

Image result for ls delroo

Artist Link: Leroy Davis

Exhibit Location: Little Miss Brewing


Little Dame — Handmade Goods

Artist: Little Dame


Tiny Badger Ceramic Vase

Cat sticker

Bunny by Emily

Exhibit Location: Little Dame


Luckie Pop Up Shop — Various Vendors

Artist: Luckie Pop Up Shop

LUCKIE hosts Pop Up Shops at various venues throughout San Diego where guests can enjoy an interactive shopping experience while enjoying house music.

Image may contain: 1 person

No automatic alt text available.

Artist Link: Luckie Pop Up Shop

Exhibit Location: The Rabbit Hole


Lyndon Kersee — Digital Art

Artist: Lyndon Kersee

Dino Detective by bearmantooth

L'agneau by naiiade

Artist Link: Lyndon Kersee

Exhibit Location: The Ould Sod

Madison Shea — Paintings and Photography

Artist: Madison Shea

Paintings, Graphics and Photography

Maple Springs

Artist Link: Madison Shea

Exhibit Location: Sabuku Sushi


Melody de Los Cobos — Mexican Folk Art

Artist: Melody de Los Cobos

Mexican Folk Art in Displays & Childrens Art Activity

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Artist Link: Melody de Los Cobos

Exhibit Location: Back From Tombuctou


Nicole Pisciotto — Photography

Artist: Nicole Pisciotto

Nicole Pisciotto is widely known in the healing, beauty and visual arts. She has a passion for creating positive change on the planet beginning with encouraging others to discover and connect to the inner light & peace inside of themselves.

A blend of creative vision, style, and compassion are words often used to describe Nicole’s approach to life. Embracing life as a free spirit she encourages relaxation and comfortable ambiance in all endeavors and invites you to do the same.

Artist Link:  Nicole Pisciotto

Exhibit Location: Shanti Spa and Gallery


Olivia Page — Caricatures

Artist: Olivia Page

Olivia Page is a digital caricature artist with over 6 years of professional experience. She began her career as a lead caricaturist at LEGOLAND California and has moved on to travel the country drawing digital caricatures for upscale special events and corporate functions. She has entertained thousands of happy customers with her cute and funny sketches at all sorts of special events including trade shows, weddings, proms, retirement celebrations, and more!

Artist Link:  Olivia Page

Exhibit Location: Barberside


Padgett Mason — Animals in Acrylics

Artist: Padgett Mason

Padgett Mason is a San Diego artist known for her Pet Portraits as she has the ability of capturing the unique personality of each animal.  Every piece is highly energized, colorful, and typically injected with a bit of whimsy.  Cats and dogs are the most popular subjects but all animals are possible.  The majority of her work is in an illustrative fashion full of character and humor.  She also creates realistic pieces, though they are often charged with color.  The Funky Feline series emerged 7 years ago.  Original artwork can be seen at Spanish Village in Balboa Park as well as Mission Federal ArtWalk and Art Around Adams.

Artist Link: Padgett Mason

Exhibit Location: Mariposa Ice Cream


Papaha — Digital art, Paintings and Installations

Artist: Papaha

Papaha has been a working artist and designer for over 30 years in San Diego. Currently he has been exploring sculptural installations and site specific digital projections. The projections utilize various types of media including painting and digital animation, and are created for specific architectural locations and sculptural works. Papaha writes: “Art can no longer evolve except towards the Divine. Going into the 21st Century we find the mental and conceptual evolution of art has lost fulfillment and connection with the common man. To rekindle man’s aspiring oneness with art, we must now evolve from creating with the mind to creating with the heart, and eventually, with the Soul.”


Artist Link: Papaha

Exhibit Location: Papaha's Gallery & Studio

Paris Davis — Recycled Material Sculptures / Jewelry

Artist: Paris Davis

Regeneration-Art Recipe


1 Ton Donated Material

1 Artist

Step One: Collect donations in the local community.

Step Two: Blend in a high-speed mixer until smooth. Consistency should be like caramel.

Step Three: Ride On.

Artist Link: Paris Davis

Exhibit Location: Rosie O' Grady's


Paul Elder — Paintings

Artist: Paul Elder

Personal artist for Ballast Point Brewery

Art Print - Black Marlin

Art Print - Oktoberfest

Artist Link: Paul Elder

Exhibit Location: Beerfish


Paul Naylor — Painting

Artist: Paul Naylor

My name is Paul Naylor, I’m an illustrator/designer living in San Diego, where I’ve been my whole life.  I have been drawing since I was three, and currently specialize in acrylic paintings / illustration, and also enjoy logo and general design.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree from the Art Institute of San Diego in graphic design.  I’ve been lucky enough to perform and educate for audiences at the San Diego Zoo, Downtown Disney, and many other events around the US. I currently work with my friends and mentors at Launch Live Art, where I paint, perform, and have even played live percussion.

I was drawn to graphic design because I was intrigued by the idea of using typography artistically, and I’ve always loved art associated with underground music and film, especially from decades past where emphasis was heavy on hand-rendering. I also play drums in a couple local bands, and love when visual art and music can be combined. Big influences on my art include a long love of animals, old horror and sci-fi movies, vast natural landscapes (especially Yosemite), Godzilla, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Mid-Century Modern design, and music.

Artist Link:  Paul Naylor

Exhibit Location: Buddies and Babes


Peter Geise — Mixed Media

Artist: Peter Geise

Geise, a veteran of the San Diego scene, employs drawing, painting and collaged material with a  stream of consciousness style. The self taught artist utilizes abstract figures and non objective elements in his work.  Working along similar methods of Klee, Miro, and Picasso, Geise’s work is an “updating” of 20’s to 60’s abstract art. His work often features biomorphic “figures” or “glyphs” in formal and random or “automatic” compositions.  Geise works mainly with acrylic paint, collage and colored pencil. Additional influences on composition and theme include music (alternative rock, etc), classic film, “underground” comics, 1950’s Science Fiction, graffiti, and various contemporary themes.

Artist Link: Peter Geise

Exhibit Location: Zia's Gourmet Pizza

Pujari Scheaffer — Watercolor and Mixed Media

Artist: Pujari Scheaffer

Pujari Scheaffer is a landscape painter who uses watercolor and mixed media. He has exhibited in Northern California. Most of the paintings are California landscapes and also Tuscany, Italy.  Pujari’s love of nature and the outdoors in evident in his paintings. Pujari Scheaffer has been painting since he was a child, and he studied Art at Humboldt State University.

Exhibit Location: Zia's Gourmet Pizza

Rich Walker

Artist: Rich Walker


My artistic focus is in the use of recycled, reclaimed, and natural materials.

I balance these mediums with colors, depths, textures and movement. 

I work with metal, ceramic and wood. I often use a combination of mediums within one project.

I enjoy the challenge of creating custom work, so consider contacting me.

Enjoy Life, Be Creative and Laugh – Always. 

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Artist Link: Rich Walker

Exhibit Location: El Zarape Mexican Eatery


Rich Walker — Paintings, sculpture, murals

Artist: Rich Walker

My artistic focus is in the use of recycled, reclaimed, and natural materials.  I balance these mediums with colors, depths, textures and movement.  I work with metal, ceramic and wood.  I often use a combination of mediums within one project.  I enjoy the challenge of creating custom work, so consider contacting me.

Image may contain: food

No automatic alt text available.

Artist Link:  Rich Walker

Exhibit Location: Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga


Ruth Fromstein — Paintings

Artist: Ruth Fromstein

“I love it when my work takes the viewer on a personal journey of meaning and discovery.  My contemporary abstract paintings, filled with color and light, allow collectors to be transported into a world of beauty and intrigue.”

“I perceive myself as a creative scientist, experimenting with color, tools and techniques, finding personal meaning and discoveries in the process. My mixed media approach to abstract acrylic painting reflects my playful approach to life.”


Artist Link: Ruth Fromstein

Exhibit Location: Bench Home

Sean Selfridge — Photography

Artist: Sean Selfridge

My name is Sean Selfridge. I’m a photographer and body painter based in San Diego, Calfornia. I have been a bodypainter for 3 years, a photographer for 10, but an artist my entire life.

To me, each person that walks into my studio is unique. I always try and get to know my clients. Get to know their personalities, what they like, what they love. My goal is to show YOU off in your photographs. Wether it be your smile, a special look you have when talking about your loved ones, or your love for a nerdy tv show. I want to show YOU.

Image result for sean selfridge art san diego

Image result for sean selfridge art san diego

Artist Link:  Sean Selfridge

Exhibit Location: The UPS Store


Sergio Vargas

Artist: Sergio Vargas

Artist Link:  Sergio Vargas


Exhibit Location: Barberside

Shaun Craig — Ceramics

Artist: Shaun Craig

I am a 4th generation San Diego native who grew up loving the mountains, desert and beaches. Drawing was my first love until I discovered clay in the 3rd. grade. I am continually inspired by natural and native elements in my environment.  I am constantly finding inspiration from sticks, rocks, pinecones and other elements of nature. The complex simplicity in the forms is a source of never ending fascination for me. I love to use art in my life so when people have a piece of mine I want them to use it and enjoy it in an everyday setting.

Exhibit Location: Clay Associates

Shawn Erler — Mixed Media, Sculpture

Artist: Shawn Erler

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, hat



Artist Link: Shawn Erler

Exhibit Location: Rove


Stephanie Clair

Artist: Stephanie Clair

A first love, a last love, a memory, lovers sipping wine, being enlightened, inspired by sweet music… those moments are ours to remember – but the speed of time can erase the memories we all take for granted. CLAIR tries to capture a snapshot of that moment on canvas. Each painting has a feeling; each feeling tells a story. Her eyes in the paintings allow the viewer to reach in and let you connect. She feels they are the windows to ones soul.

CLAIR’s technique is a delicate blend of color, technique, imagination, and cubism meant to evoke mystery and emotion. Her goal is to challenge the viewer’s eye and mind, as you get lost in a three-dimensional world of people passion and beauty.

Artist Link:  Stephanie Clair

Exhibit Location: Village Vino


Todd Carpenter — Paintings

Artist: Todd Carpenter

As a painter, I am particularly interested in the depiction of light, and in the ways in which light contributes to our experience of paintings.

As with any visual art, painting obviously has an essential dependence on light, but there are other, more specific ways in which light is important for paintings. In particular, the depiction of light is crucial for realism. Realism in paintings presumably arises from the accurate portrayal of depth: to see a painting as realistic means to see its subject as existing in more than just the two dimensions of the picture plane. The behavior of light in space, generating features such as variations in shading and contrast, tells us about the three-dimensional arrangement of our surroundings.

Artist Link: Todd Carpenter

Exhibit Location: Zia's Gourmet Pizza


Vanessa Barnachea — Paintings

Artist: Vanessa Barnachea

Vbarnz (aka Vanessa Barnachea) is from Long Beach, CA. Since she was young she has always enjoyed anything arts & crafts related. Never being professionally taught, she would just paint for fun and improved over time. It wasn’t until summer of 2017 that people discovered her work through Instagram. She started painting more since then, as people were requesting paintings from her. She specializes in custom paintings of babies, families, and couples, but on her free time she likes to paint music artists that she enjoys listening to while she is painting them. When she is not painting, she is working full time as an interior designer at a small designer firm, designing kitchens and bathrooms for remodels.



Artist Link: Vanessa Barnachea

Exhibit Location: San Diego Poke Company


Warren Bakley — Ceramics

Artist: Warren Bakley

I hold a Bachelor of Fine arts degree from the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA with continuing study in ceramics and clay arts at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Maine and Alfred University, Alfred NY. My work experience has been as Exhibits Designer with the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, Design Consultant for American Olean Tile Company, Landsdowne, PA, Interior Designer with three major architectural firms, and institutional and residential projects as an Associate with Diversified Interior Design Associates, Philadelphia, PA.

My teaching experience has been of graduate level design at Drexel University and Moore College of Art. As well as classical Art and Sculpture through Trenton State UniversityDesign, San Diego State University, the Community Colleges of Cuyamaca and Southwestern in California and Ceramics at Clay Associates.

I am a nine times first prize winner of the annual Sculpture Division, Imperial Beach Sand Sculpture Competition, Imperial Beach, CA.

Exhibit Location: Clay Associates

Zard Apuya — Pop Culture Sculptures

Artist: Zard Apuya

Zard was born-and-raised on the island of Guam, previously lived in San Francisco, and is now based in San Diego, CA. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Guam in Business Administration focusing in Marketing and International Tourism & Hospitality Management, plus a minor in Fine Arts. He then received his Master’s in Business Administration at the University of San Francisco in 2015

His love for art began during childhood and has shaped his desire to explore many styles and mediums. In late 2010 was when he found his love for customizing toys and since then has done over a 1300 customs, many ending up with customers around the globe. His creations range from pop culture to wedding toppers, but his favorite style and preferred theme to work in is inspired by something everyone loves: FOOD.


No Face Bento

Deep Fried Ice Cream

Artist Link: Zard Apuya

Exhibit Location: Nozaru Ramen Bar