Special Guests @ Smitty's Stage
3441 Adams Ave. 92116

2:45pm - Special Guest Mayor Jerry Sanders
3pm - Special Guest Coucilmember Todd Gloria
3:45pm - Special Guest Congresswoman Susan Davis
Special Guest Congressman Bob Filner

Blindspot Records Stage at Smitty's Service
3441 Adams Ave. 92116

2pm - Scott Mathiasen & The Shifty Eyed Dogs -
Following on the heels of his self titled 2010 EP, which saw him earn a 2011 San Diego Music Award nomination for "Best Acoustic Performer," Scott Mathiasen has recorded a new album which covers a wide range of his influences, including a mix of late period Beatles and Roots music, taking in rock-a-billy, folk, blues and more.

3:15 - Colin Clyne
Acoustic troubadour Colin Clyne splits his time between San Diego and his native Scotland. His dynamic performing style and well crafted tunes, mixing Celtic influences with folk and rock, earned him a 2011 SDMA trophy for "Best Acoustic Performer."

3:50 - Wendy Bailey
Wendy Bailey is a three-time "Best Pop" nominated San Diego Music Awards musician.  Usually playing as Wendy Bailey & True Stories, she's playing a solo set at Art Around Adams.  For more information and to hear tunes from the critically-acclaimed and most recent CD, "Wendy Bailey/True Stories, 'String Theory', please visit

4:25 - The Comeuppance
This chamber pop band mixes cello and guitar as lead instruments for an inventive and artfully arranged pop sound, with virtusoso performances from all involved. The group will release their debut album later this summer.

5pm - Neon Cough
Neon Cough's music is a mix of sunny surf-pop melodies and a spookier shoe-gaze vibe. Their debut album was nominated for Best Pop Album at the San Diego Music Awards and their second record is due out later this year. They can currently be seen performing around Southern California.

6pm - 321 Stereo
One of the best new wave/pop/dance bands going in San Diego today, 321 Stereo turn out amazing tracks that while all thoroughly modern, all sound like they have been influenced by the best of the 80's hits, mixing dance and new wave, synths and shufflebeats. This group appeals on so many levels, from electronica to powerpop, their music touches on a lot of pop culture sounds.

6:55 - Christian Taylor and the Hollerin
Playing a mix of folk rock blues and soul, Christian Taylor and his three piece band, The Hollerin,' kick up a pretty good ruckus. Taylor plays acoustic, but this is no quiet singer-songwriter affair. The bands music has grit and heart and can deliver a rollicking beat with the beat of them. Anyone who likes thier rock 'n' roll steeped in Americana, wont want to miss this set.

7:50 - The Black Sands
No way around it, Black Sands is a bit of a local supergroup. Mixing members of The Heavy Guilt with Podunk Nowhere, the group's music sets touches of Americana against a moody rock background, sort of like prime-era Patti Smith with a twang and Paul Buckmaster's orchestration. With a seven-piece onstage lineup, the band does a nice job of recreating the feel of their recordings. It's lush, atmospheric, well arranged music and, above all, well written.

8:50 - Burning of Rome
The Burning of Rome's style can not be forced into any known genre without taking shortcuts and over looking its originality. Imagine a Gothic band collides with a Jewish Carnival (if there's such a thing), the result would be The Burning of Rome. Its dark tones and circus like melodies intermingle into one spontaneous, yet entertaining work of musicianship.

Café 21 Stage
2736 Adams Ave. 92116

2pm - Karina Frost

3pm - Lillian Lefranc & the Proper Villians

4pm - Veronica May
You will be driven to dizzying heights by scratch-and-slap acoustic guitarist Veronica May, an award-winning performer who creates a crossbreed collage of indie, funk, and blues. Influenced by the likes of Ani Difranco, Jeff Buckley, and Johnny Cash, Veronica's innovative mastery of every inch of her guitar's real estate resembles that of indie-fave Kaki King, while her passionate lyrics bear a heart that is familiar with love, loss, and 80's sitcoms. You may want to stop and listen just to see what she does with that little piece of sandpaper. Other mysteries include: Exactly how many hands does she have? When is my jaw going to get up off of the ground? And, is that a kazoo in her pocket? Acquaint yourself with Veronica May if you wish to experience originality, energy, clever lyrics, dirty blues, jazzy funk, and old-timey country. Not to mention interpretive dancing, leg-kicks, and press-on mustaches.

5pm - Barry Scott
Barry Scott has had a long an varied career as a songwriter and guitarist. During the 1980's he was signed to major label Chrysalis Records, with his band the States, scoring a minor hit with the song "Picture Me With You," and later signing with another major label, Boardwalk Records. Later he fronted the country influenced rockers, The Barrys. More recently his songs can be heard everywhere from the soundtracks of Mattel toys to TV Productions.

5:45 - Rob Bondurant
Robert Bondurant is an American singer/songwriter from San Diego, California. At age 19, he spent a couple years living in Dallas, Texas where he worked at the House of Blues and got to see live music everyday. It was there he honed his craft and decided what he wanted to do as a songwriter, guitar player, and performer. He has a sound that stems from a wide range of singer/songwriters as well as guitar players that sets a familiar, yet, unique tone to his music that is very likeable and listenable.

6:30 - Rob Deez
Sublime and the Wu-Tang Clan got drunk and made love on the set of Satruday Night Live. Nine months later Rob Deez was born.

7:15 - Jeffrey Joe Morin
Mixing exemplary guitar and harmonica skills with a deep knowledge of standards, has made Jeffrey Joe Morin a favorite on local stages. An affable performer, Morin is at home accompanying himself or dueting with friends, but either way, his songs are heartfelt and wonderfully performed.

8:15 - Carl Durant
Originally from Belgium, Carl Durant is a seasoned songwriter with a keen ear for melody and arrangements bringing you an ear fondling mix of finger picked and strummed guitar songs. His sound lingers between The Decemberists and Placebo with a hint of REM and a tad of James Blunt's lyrical style. Although often starting from a base of acoustic guitar, this is no country and no folk.

9pm - Josh Damigo
One of San Diego's "Up and Coming Artists", Josh Damigo, with clever lyrics & infectious melodies, is everywhere! Damigo has won multiple awards including the 2010 San Diego Music Award for Best Acoustic & the 2009 San Diego Music Award for his album "Raw." www.joshdamigo.com

Adams Ave. Car Wash Stage feat. Live Music & Performance Art
3302 Adams Ave. 92115

2pm - AntiQuark
AntiQuark, the live electronic duo founded by keyboardist Ant Dakini in 2001, comes from California. The band received a fresh jolt of energy after Sergio O joined in 2007 as a new vocalist.

Making audiences dance by using an electro-technowave foundation, they mix in experimental musings, avant-garde twists, and classic rock elements. Their shows are a hi-energy multimedia experience combining video by Davide Menegatti and movement by Samantha Sinister.

3pm - Ugly Boogie
Ugly Boogie is a gypsy bluegrass collective of whiskey lovin mountaineers - http://uglyboogie.bandcamp.com

4pm - Angela Patua

4:45 - Fern Laurel-Stories told through Silence
"In general being a mime artist is the most selfless thing I bring to world and the arts. I have to put my mind-body on the line for the sake of the viewer". Antonio Zepeda brings his alter-ego, Fern Laurel, a clown-mime character, to life at the Art Around Adams. He hopes to bring joy and happiness to young and olde alike!

5:20 - Philly7 (Spoken Word)
The Philly7 is a concept driven seven track being created by a conscious crew of inspired artists. We are socially motivated by issues of race, injustice and we combine to bring sounds with poetry. -

6pm - Generik (BeatBoxer)
Known to perplex people with his phenomenal beatboxing, this lyricist/ beatsmith has traveled our universe performing exorcisms to souls possessed by mediocrity. Sharing his dark "psy-fly, opti-mystic" sound as part of the LNC tribe (sea of light transmissions). Generik is anything but. - http://generiklnc.bandcamp.com/

6:45pm - Pal&Drome
moi dire wolf flower idiom. Flee to me remote elf. Go hang a salami I'm a lasagna hog.

8pm - Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra
The Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra is your run-of-the-mill electro pop band fronted by a six-foot-tall robot that sings songs about stealing time machines, poisonous birds, and a laundromat run by Frankenstein.  Their story is a familiar one... a mad scientist builds a lead singer, releases the best selling debut 4 CD box set in music history, has their album taught as a work of fiction at SDSU, and then plays outside of a car wash at the annual Art Around Adams festival.  Unless you are interested in things like robots, mayhem, dancing, giant video projectors, old video games, cardboard keytars, They Might Be Giants, Devo, Kraftwerk, Andy Kaufman, Spinal Tap, or the Flaming Lips, you might want to just skip seeing these guys perform. - www.satanicpuppeteer.com

9pm - Murrugun the Mystic (Sword Swallower/Flame Eater)
As a child, Scott Nelson was always fascinated with magic and mysticism. Growing up with a family background in metaphysics, it was no surprise after seeing Todd Brownings Freaks, he was inspired with a passion that would follow him throughout his life. After seeing Gene Simmons of KISS blow fire, twelve year old Scott decided he could do blow fire just as well, and the spark started. But it wasn't until early 2000 that he realized he could do his act for a living. After years of doing bar tricks, he got a call to do one of the eighty-three shows of Las Vegas and began his career as a side show artist.

Now known as Murrugun the Mystic, Scott has toured with Bros Grim Sideshow on the Vans Warped Tour, hit up the east coast with Freak Show Deluxe, touring places like the world famous Coney Island Sideshow, James Taylor's Palace of Wonders, and he also worked the 2007 Halloween season at Paramount's Carrowinds Amusement Park (the east coast equivalent to Knott's Berry Farm, only much larger),And recently Performing for the Stone Temple Pilots Reunion Party at the Famous Houdini Mansion.

After tasting Hollywood by doing a swallow for CSI New York and hassling David Hasslehoff for the viewers of America's Got Talent, Murrugun is looking for work on television all over the world.

Murrugun has been doing lots of movies as of lately.In 2008 he made a cameo in the national Italian culture award winning ( Best Cinematography and Best Movie Project of 2009) 'The House of the Flesh Mannequins' and shortly after,He took on the role of 'Murrugun The Mime' in the Spaghetti Clown Western 'Crackwood...The movie' Starring GILBERT GOTTFRIED,IAN KILMISTER,Ron Jeremy and Ted Lange.

In 2009, Murrugun got the childhood dream come true when Director Domiziano Cristopharo asked him to come to Italy to shoot a True to the real story version of the Todd Robbins story (Director Todd Browning adapted it) of 'FREAKS' ,Which was aptly named 'The Museum of Wonders'and shot in Sept-November of last year. "The Museum of Wonders' premire was held March 3rd and 4th in Rome.Director Domiziano Christopharo said " The crowd reaction was great! People reminas silenced ,Shocked And Speachless!!!We had big techincal problems but in any case, The soiree was great completelly full"!!!

Renowned  as one of the best fire eaters around, and with a résumé sporting acts varying from the Human Furnace, Multiple Sword Swallowing, The Human Pincushion and the mystifying Yogi Floss routine, Murrugun lives up to a reputation to amaze, confuse, and gross out the audience with acts originating all over the world.  He hopes to bring the charm of the old school sideshow to your theaters, televisions and even your homes…if you will let him.

Kensington Library Stage
4121 Adams Ave. 92116

2pm - Terry Matsuoka
Whether solo or with his 4-piece band, Terry Matsuoka's live show is an entirely unique experience in itself. In addition to performing his songs with enthusiasm and passion, his shows can sometimes enter the realm of a variety show. In past performances, Matsuoka has performed stunts like drinking poison, getting possessed by Elvis' ghost and doing dances choreographed by audience members. He also delivers hip hop spoken word and human beatboxes with remarkable ability. He has shared billing with artists as diverse as Steve Poltz, Patricia Barber, The Furious Four, Gregory Page, Carol Bui, Tim Flannery, Vienna Teng, The Far East Movement and Jewel at venues like LeStat's, The Viper Room, Java Joe's, Twiggs and the Casbah and events like the San Diego Asian Film Festival, Kollaboration, Street Scene and the San Diego Music Awards Acoustic Festival.

"He can belt out a soul-felt growl as effectively as a heart-touching melody. The guitar playing is clean and refined."
- Jason Riggs of The Weekly and 91X

"San Diego's acoustic music scene has grown to enormous proportions... While it's gotten harder to sift through their numbers to find the truly talented ones, certain performers have begun to stand out. One such musician [is] Terry Matsuoka..."
- Bart Mendoza of San Diego Downtown News

"His name is Terry Matsuoka and he is so cute and super-talented. He sings, plays guitar, performs beatbox, writes his own songs, and is funny."
- Virginia Loh of Asia The Journal of Culture and Commerce

"Matsuoka's effect on the audience is akin to that of a cool cousin you only see twice a year, yet wished would never leave."
- Fernando Ramos of The Daily Aztec

3pm - Harpo Mark Delguidice
Harpo Mark Delguidice and his group provide a powerful mix of blues and rock. With Delguidice at the helm on vocals, guitar and his namesake harmonica, the band's music can get the adrenaline pumping or the soul searching, all within a three minute song.

4pm - Lucia
Just like her life of many travels and experiences, so is Lucia's music an eclectic mix of raw blues, sweet pop and happy lyrics. Born in the Southern islands of the Philippines and migrating to Alabama when she was just a kid, Lucia soaked in the old country music as well as the more folk and blues-oriented music of the South aka Mississippi and Louisiana. Her voice is soulful and sweet, and her lyrics are straightforward and tell of the many lives she's walked since being on this earth. Lucia's latest life is here in San Diego, creating her music and working on her photographic pursuits.

5pm - Future You
Future You is a quintet that employs various traditional and electronic instruments. Their music often blends elements of indie rock, dream pop, and psych folk. Melodic vocals; harmonies, atmospheric instrumentation, raw drums, and layered rhythms. http://futureyouband.tumblr.com/

6pm - Chris Carpenter
Chris Carpenter spent many campfire nights as a child listening to his mom write and play music as they traveled from his young age of four to fourteen across the great United States. Beginning his career as a drummer in various bands including his high school band at the age of 15, Chris started singing and composing on guitar and piano at the age of 20. Carpenter is a soulful, rhythmic songwriter with 88 keys and a mesmerizing voice.

7pm - So Long Davey
So Long Davey is currently recording their debut album at Big Fish Studios in Encinitas, for release in Summer of 2012. The lead single, "Making Out", was released on April 4th, 2012, featuring some of the trio's trademark sound; pop rock guitars, slamming dance drums, and a combo of raspy verse vocals mixed with a pop punk chorus and Little Richard-like rock n roll interludes.

DiMille's Beer Garden & Live Performance Stage

2pm - Antonio Franko

3pm - Pleasure Fix

4pm - Blaise Guld

4:30pm - Blaise Garza

5pm - Sal fillipelli

6pm - Affrojazziacs

7pm - Bandits

8pm - Leyva's 1957 band

9pm - Social Club

ArtLab Stage
3536 Adams Ave. 92116

12pm - Chicken Bone Slim & the Bisquits

1pm - Red Lotus Revue

2pm - Mercedes Moore

3pm - Jessica Hull

4:00 - Tori

5:00 - The Yes Team
It's not just a band. It's a way of thinking.  Go on...say it. YES! Doesn't that feel nice? We thought so. Ever since Kinnie Dye, Jonathan Walsh, and TJ Moss drove their purple van from NYC to San Diego in search of sunshine and harmony, a lot of people have been saying YES to The Yes Team. Their mission is simple: to spread unity through harmony! 1 part Jason Mraz, 3 parts Peter, Paul, & Mary

6:00 - Tori Rose and the Hot Mess

7:00 - Todo Mundo
Todo Mundo ("All the World") blends the musical flavors of samba, rumba, reggae, and other South American and Caribbean styles into an irresistible groove that lifts the spirits of all who hear it. Led by Santiago Orozco, a native Colombian, along with musicians from around the world, Todo Mundo believes that music, as the universal language, is the best way to bring all people together.  http://todomundomusic.com/fr_home.cfm

8:00 - Maren Parusal
This worldly innocence comes across in Parusel's sweet, piano-driven music.

9:00 - JB from Mosaic Quartet
The Mosaic Quartet, created in 2011, is an alternative rock band from San Diego, California. Allow yourself to fall into JB's sincere, catchy vocals. MQ site their primary influences as Radiohead, Muse, and Coldplay, but they take pride in having a sound that's all their own.

Art and Sound provided by Queen Bee Arts & Cultural Center

Adams Avenue Integrative Health is a project of the Alternative Healing Network, a 501(c)(3)non-profit dedicated to promoting the use of integrative and holistic health and improving access to alternative medicine in under-served communities. All proceeds from our sliding-scale Adams Avenue Integrative Health center go towards funding free outreach programs in City Heights, Southeast San Diego and at the YWCA Women's Shelter for victims of domestic violence.

Band Bios:

Bluesy rock covers with a sultry female vocalist and half the band made up of acupuncturists... including the President and Clinical Chair of Pacific College!

Todo Mundo ("All the World") blends the musical flavors of samba, rumba, reggae, and other South American and Caribbean styles into an irresistible groove that lifts the spirits of all who hear it. Led by Santiago Orozco, a native Colombian, along with musicians from around the world, Todo Mundo believes that music, as the universal language, is the best way to bring all people together.  http://todomundomusic.com/fr_home.cfm

5:30 - J.A.M. KWEST
The Jamaican Afro-American Music Kwest is both a journey and an adventure into the world of all genres and philosophies. Founded in 2009 by singer Jayme Alejandro Mejia (aka JAM), the San Diego-based band incorporates a variety of influences and styles into their reggae sound while paying respect to the origin and foundation of the music. The band's high-energy live performances attract diverse audiences, bringing together reggae fans and non-fans alike. As a result, they've been blessed with the opportunity to share the stage with a multitude of reggae legends, including Kymani Marley, Eek-A-Mouse, Don Carlos and many others. http://jamkwest.com/

Folk Arts Rare Records Stage

2pm Lou & Virginia Curtiss with a short set
Old Time SONGS with autoharp & guitar by Folk Arts Rare Records owners & long time pickers. They've been playing music together since 1966.

2:30pm Roy Ruiz Clayton
Veteran San Diego singer songwriter and artist. He's been picking music for Lou since the mid 70's. Unique songs.

3:15pm - Gregory Page
San Diego legend in his own time, great original songs with an old time touch. First picked for Lou in 1994, the third generation Page to do so, and the legend continues.

4pm - Peter Dubois
Tenor guitarist from Switzerland who now makes San Diego his home. Peter has a knack for finding really nice old songs & tunes and making them his own.

5pm - Bob Wilson & His Uke
Nice really old songs from the Age of Ragtime in the early 1900's. Bob with his banjo-uke take us back to an earlier age.

6pm - John Bosley
Another singer songwriter from San Diego with a jazzy lilt. First played for Lou in the early 70's and many times since.

7pm - Chris Clarke & Dane Terry
Singing nice old time & and original stuff with hot picking & harmonica originality. They've quickly become San Diego hot stuff.

8pm - Jeff Bertino & Mike Stubblefield
Play and sing countryish in the style of The Louvin Brothers, The Everly Brothers, with great duet harmonies.

Get Fit With Tamara Stage (3806 Adams Ave)

4Pm-6pm - Gregory Page

Interact with us: