Art Around Adams 2011: Comedy Trolley

3:00pm - 10:00pm — Comedians Rotating throughout the day

April Ventura was born in what she calls, "the semi-hood" National City. She is brazen and straightforward, just like her jokes, yet articulate with a touch of class. April knows which fork to use at a fancy table, but will "stick" a mutha ------ with it if she has to. She's performed at all of San Diego's comedy hot spots and her next stop is the Art Around Adams Comedy Trolley so get on board and have a laugh!!


Blindspot Records Stage at Smitty's

3:00 — Introduction from councilmember Todd Gloria (followed by meet & greet)

3:15 — Todo Mundo ("All the World")
Todo Mundo blends the musical flavors of samba, rumba, reggae, and other South American and Caribbean styles into an irresistible groove that lifts the spirits of all who hear it. Led by Santiago Orozco, a native Colombian, along with musicians from around the world, Todo Mundo believes that music, as the universal language, is the best way to bring all people together.

4:15 — Secret Seven
Informed by the classic songwriting of The Beatles, ELO, and Elvis Costello, but keeping one digital finger on the sonic innovations of bands like The Flaming Lips, The Secret Seven has already cut its teeth in Southern California hot spots like The Casbah, Bar Pink, Beauty Bar, and House of Blues and been played and featured on Fm 94/9's Local Member of the Day.

5:15 — Wendy Bailey & True Stories
Wendy Bailey & True Stories (Danny Cress, Billy Fritz, Bart Mendoza) is a rock band with many facets, capable of strum and jangle ballads one minute and amps set on stun rockers the next. The group features songs penned by both Bailey and Mendoza, never relies on a set list, and has songs that can shift structure, all within the classic 3:00 (or less) pop single time frame. Wendy Bailey & True Stories debut album will be released later this year.

6:15 — Gayle Skidmore
A classical pianist since the age of four, Skidmore began writing her own songs at the age of eight under the influence of Chopin, The Beatles, Bach and Led Zeppelin.  When she isn't playing the piano, Gayle accompanies herself on the dulcimer, guitar and banjo. She has been performing and touring in the US, UK and Europe as a solo artist and with a band for 12 years.  She has crafted into over 1500 songs and counting, releasing seven independent albums since 2002, the last 3 on her own label, Raincoat Records.

7:15 — SO3
SO3 is a meld of psychedelic blues sounds with catchy indie and alternative ock sensibility. It's something for everyone; dancing, grooving, and thick 3-dimensional sound of a classic power trio.

8:15 — Old In Out
Two parts aged Garage-Rock, one part true Punk, a dash of fresh psychedelia, stirred well. Served best with whiskey & beer.

Mariposa Stage

All day in between sets of Blindspot Records Stage

Dave Humphries hails from Durham City in the Northeast of England and has lived in San Diego since 1996. A teenager in Britain during the incredible music explosion of the 1960's, Dave played in various bands, doing clubs and pubs. But it was when he arrived in California that his music career took off. Humphries specializes in melodic pop crossed with good time rock 'n'roll, in the grand tradition of Badfinger, The Lovin' Spoonful and The Beatles -- but it's a sound uniquely his own, focused on acoustic guitar work.

Black Cherry Group Stage

3:00 — Tommy Dahill
He has raced bicycles over the cobblestones and wooden velodromes of Belgium, survived 50 below winters in North Dakota, bodysurfed 25 with hammerheads in Hawai'i, backpacked solo through Alaska's wilderness for weeks on end, been a janitor, teacher, Subway sandwich artist, B-52 navigator carrying nukes and a cashier in an the Isla Vista Fud Coop...somehow all of these experiences make it into his songs. Sung and played on...the banjo. Since there's no blue grass, and not much green grass, in SoCal, you'll hear genuine California Browngrass Music. Songs about chevy impalas, Chollas (jumping cactus), desert moonlight, rivers flowing with steel and the self obsessed.

Doesn't sound like anything you ever heard, but influenced by Johnny Shines, Fred McDowell, the Cramps and the Dubliners.

3:30 — Elaine Faye
Elaine Faye, currently residing in San Diego, CA, is a gifted singer/songwriter on the rise. Her music blends soul, pop, and a touch of folk creating a unique sound often associated with artists such as Lauryn Hill, Adele, India Arie and a high energy performance likened to that of Janelle Monae.

4:00 — Sal Filipelli
Sal Filipelli is a guitar player / songwriter from Southern California.  When Filipelli was 12 years old his mother put him in piano lessons which started a life long love for creating music.  Years later Filipelli began playing the guitar, ukulele and occasionally bass  not to mention interests that have recently surfaced in the field of recording.  Filipelli considers himself a composer first having been heard live in concert and on radio stations world wide including: London, Spain, Italy, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, Davis, Colorado, Vancouver Canada and various online stations.  Filipelli has released two albums that are available on iTunes "Not British Productions presents 23rd Century, The Sal Filipelli Band" (2007) and "The Last Generation of Tape" (2008).   Since 2008 Filipelli has produced several singles including "Soon" featuring Reece and a couple of House tracks for artist Diva Dia.  Filipelli is currently working on his third album.  Stay tuned for updates on this rising star.

4:30 — Esjay Jones

5:00 — Rag Doll City

5:30 — Operation Project One
Operation Project One is a brand new San Diego based band that delivers an eclectic and ambitious mix of Hip Hop, R&B, Soul and Rock, all original and all fresh.  Members of Operation Project One consists of local and upcoming artists, musicians, producers and soloists from all different projects and bands.  OP1 is here to make you feel, groove, live and love life to it's fullest. Come join us for the ride of your life!

6:00 — Project: Out of Bounds
PROJECT: out of bounds is an underground reggae four-piece that is taking California by storm. They hail from San Diego, but have made their presence felt throughout California. This band can ace the art of roots, dancehall, and dub, while continuing their focus on versatility. Fusing rock and reggae in Southern California can prove a difficult task; as the scene's progression has been hindered by cliché surf-reggae-rock-ska-punk acts. Those who truly know original music can listen to "PROJECT" and know that this is the real deal. New music with inspirations of classic reggae in the cracks, and a dash of thrash in your face is what makes up Project Out of Bounds. This band strives to progress the genre while the competition is content with imitation.

7:00 — Melapelus
Melapelus's fusion of california dub- reggae and classic rock is always shure to tune your soul to their transmission, the music delivers a conscious message of brotherhood and youthfull spiritual ideals the perfect southern california summer soundtrack. The band is composed of charismatic singer Jovvan Meza, guitar ox Larry Quintero, and groovin bass lines from Joshua meza, Esteban Gallegos adds the climax of the bunch with drums as soft as a jazz tune, to in your face Rock N roll and Philly adds the soulful sounds on the Sax. Think Pink Floyd meets Steel Pulse for a sesh in paradise!

8:00 — Piracy & South Bay Wailers
Two bands united in one accord to spread jah works.
Piracy is a m.c sing jay who started off working with dj's around the world since she was 16,specializing in reggae dance-hall.

South Bay Wailers have been a thriving band serving the roots scene properly with tunes that sooth the soul. composed of 4 young talented musicians and one back up female singer who grew up on the same block. Throughout the course of time,Piracy&S.B.W crossed paths and have been inseparable since. Creating a style of music that is so cutting edge and divers and full of passion.

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