The Album Leaf
"Life as a traveling musician can become monotonous. Sleep, eat, perform. Load in, load out, pass out. Repeat... After a decade of the three-step grind, James LaValle, the classically trained multi-instrumentalist whose tone poems have been collated as The Album Leaf since 1999 decided to get off the well-worn path."

Based out of Chula Vista, neighboring the highest crossed border in the world, the members of Stranger draw inspiration from their diverse surroundings. They are renowned for their blend of soulful reggae roots with rock and jazz, accompanied by lyrics bound to the most profound parts of the human spirit.

Scarlet Symphony
Taking the best parts of Led Zepellin & David Bowie and applying blistering originality, rock band Scarlet Symphony is Gary Hankins on vocals, Aaron Swanton on guitar, and twins Zach and Josh Wheeler on bass and drums, respectively.

MC Flow
MC Flow, born Abby Schwartz in New York, fell in love with hip-hop at the age of 12, when her Bat-Mitzvah deejay played LL Cool J's "Mama Said Knock You Out" and led her to the dance floor.

Dynamite Walls
Based in Oceanside, Dynamite Walls have amassed a huge Southern California following by way of their catchy pop-rock songs and a very strong work ethic.

The Material
In her third year of pursuing a music degree at SDSU, singer Colleen D'Agostino began playing with Jon Moreaux on guitar and Noah Vowles on drums. The trio would become a quintet, adding Matt Holden (bass) and Roi Elam (guitar), and forming alternative rock act The Material.

The Burning of Rome
Based out of Oceanside, The Burning of Rome have raged across the San Diego music scene with their unique rock that's Arcade Fire re-imagined by Tim Burton.

Di Nigunim
Di Nigunim (Dee Nih-goo-nihm) literally translates from Yiddish as "The Wordless Melodies". It is also the name of this eleven-piece musical group that combines traditional Eastern European Klezmer with punk and rock to produce a rough and rumbling flavor that will get your juices flowing. Imagine a Bar Mitzvah and a rave happening in the same room at the same time.

The Grams
Led by singer/guitarist Chuck Schiele, The Grams contribute a pop-rock-Americana-world-music approach, driven by acoustic guitars and Sweet Elise's effects-driven "space" violin. Their debut self-titled CD was released in March 2006, winning that year's San Diego Music Award for Best Americana Group. In 2007, The Grams won Best Americana or Country.

DJ Edgartronic
On the strength of his weekly Boombox Thursdays at AC Lounge, his Analogic Nights on X1FM.com (San Diego's only dance music radio show) on Friday, and countless other gigs, DJ Edgartronic is San Diego's "it" deejay for the late aughts.

Ubuv (pronounced "above") stands for Universal Beats Universal Vibe.
The group began with multi-instrumentalist Rama and Deep Rooted's DJ Artistic weaving live sitar, Chinese erhu and guitar over breakbeat, hip hop, dubstep and rock

Dance/Comedy and Fashion

The PGK Project The PGK Project
Th PGK Project's Mission is to provide affordable, entertaining performances of the highest quality that pomote community, accessibility, and diversity through dance.

Visual Stimulus/Kruciaal Element Visual Stimulus/Kruciaal Element
We are a group of dancers who came together to share our love of dance, music and performance. We believe hard work is the only way to achieve positive results and we continuously strive to promote a healthy association between our community and hip hop culture.

Dangerous Dick Dangerous Dick
Residing in Ocean Beach, Dangerous Dick boasts a stellar body of work punctuated by 15 years in radio as an on-air personality, spanning New York and L.A., and including San Diego stations Rock 105.3, 101KGB, and X1FM

Erik Knowles Erik Knowles
Erik Knowles did his first stand-up set in the fourth grade at a summer camp talent show. Even at just nine years old, his two minutes of Nickelodeon jokes killed. His next performance was in 1999 while he was in the Marine Corps and has since perfomed with such headliners as Sarah Silverman, Pauly Shore, Bobby Lee, Zach Galifianakis, and many, many more

Fashion Show from SB2 Fashion Show from SB2
When it comes to fashion shows in San Diego, Shane Baker's name is at the top of everyone's list. Baker was a major force behind 2008's Fashion Week San Diego and this year's Downtown Escondido Fashion Week. In 2009, Shane has taken on Creative Director position with 4THEDJ for their events at Gas Lamp super-club On Broadway.


"Short Term 12" and "Snowball the Cat"

Winner of the 2009 Sundance Award for Best Short Film, Short Term 12 follows Denim, the supervisor of a residential facility housing 15 kids who are all affected by child abuse and neglect in unimaginable ways. This powerful examination of how human beings affect each other's lives stars Brad William Henke (Choke, Sherry Baby, World Trade Center).

Warning: Some material may be unsuitable for younger viewers.

H.P. Lovecraft's:
"The Festival" in Pitch-Dark Blacklight

Art Around Adams is honored to host the blacklight theatre of H.P. Lovecraft's The Festival, produced by Danger House. Taking place in a pitch dark room replete with chilling visuals, icy narration, and live music, this is 360 Theatre, where the audience is literally stuck in the middle of a horror narrative unfolding from all angles.

The Art Walk

12 pm - 6 pm

Highlighting the galleries, boutiques, and other establishments up and down The Avenue, the art walk will enable attendees to soak in all the charm and quirkiness of Normal Heights and Kensington. A trolley will guide guests to the businesses and the artists within them showcasing their work.

Just a few of the businesses participating this year:

The Art of Framing Art of Framing
3333 Adams Avenue
San Diego, Ca. 92116

The Art of You The Art of You
3060 Adams Avenue, Suite B
San Diego, Ca. 92116

Cafe Cabaret Caffe Cabaret
3739 Adams Avenue
San Diego, Ca. 92116

Clay Associates Clay Associates
3667 Adams Avenue
San Diego, Ca. 92116

Roberto Salas Crossing Tracks Gallery
3275 Adams Avenue
San Diego, Ca. 92116

Kadan Club Kadan
4696 Adams Avenue
San Diego, Ca. 92116

Kensington Club Kensington Club
4079 Adams Avenue
San Diego, Ca. 92116

Lestats Lestat's
3343 Adams Avenue
San Diego, Ca. 92116

Papaha Papaha's Gallery & Studio
4683 33rd St.
San Diego, Ca. 92116

Playa Gallery Playa Gallery
2940 Adams Avenue
San Diego, Ca. 92116
Michelle: 619.665.6599
Ron: 619.339.1136

Zedism Gallery Zedism Gallery
3540 Adams Avenue
San Diego, Ca. 92116

Huge installations from Rich Walker, Mesa College, The Dope Show & body painting from Chris Elliman, skin tight body art.

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